After shoulder surgery when can i drive

Shoulder joint replacement would take at least one to three months to return to 55 percent of your pre-operative capacity. Spinal decompression may require two-week recovery time, while cervical disc replacement typically requires a six-week driving restriction.

When can I start driving again after ACDF?

When can I start driving again after ACDF? You will not be able to start driving right after the surgery . Your body needs time to heal. Certain movements should be avoided after you have been discharged from the hospital and you are starting your home recovery.

How long are you off work after shoulder surgery?

Most arthroscopic shoulder surgeries take 6-12 weeks to recover from, but people with desk jobs often can return to work in 2-3 weeks in a sling with activity restrictions. People who work in manual labor jobs with heavy lifting may not be able to return to full duty for 3 months.

When can you resume driving after surgery?

Most men can resume driving 10 to 14 days after surgery. Ask your doctor for specific advice.

How soon after an ACL tear can I drive?

A. Left Leg ACL Surgery – Driving an Automatic A few days to one week If you fall in this category than you are lucky and will be able to drive as soon as the pain meds wear off, a few days to 1 week is typical.

How long can you Drive after ACDF surgery?

Braces/Collars: These can be worn for providing support/immobilization to the neck and to speed up the recovery process following ACDF. They can be worn for a month to 2 months after ACDF. Driving: Most of the patients are allowed to drive about 2 weeks following ACDF surgery provided patient is not wearing a collar post surgery.

Can I Drive after cervical fusion surgery?

We generally recommend that you not drive while taking pain medications following surgery. Driving after an anterior cervical fusion must be done carefully as we do not recommend excessive turning of the head and neck.

When to start physical therapy after ACDF?

Some patients may need to start physical therapy about a month after ACDF and continue it for a couple more months. Usually after 3 weeks post ACDF, patients are allowed to do light work. Lifting weights should be avoided. Patient should not overdo the activities and take regular breaks and rest if he/she feels tired.

How soon after surgery can I see my doctor?

See your surgeon about two weeks after your surgery for a follow-up appointment. You should be able to do daily activities again in four to six weeks. See your doctor right away if you notice any of the following: What should I do during recovery? After you leave the hospital: