Breast cancer care kit

the ultimate care package for cancer patients – healincomfort breast cancer recovery kit

  • Healincomfort Mastectomy Shirt.
  • “Extra Set of Hands” Wrap-around.
  • KILI Drain Management Pouch for the Shower.
  • Bad Hair Day Bandanna.
  • A copy of “my shadow story”.
  • Laundry Pouch. There’s No Better Way to Heal in Comfort & with Dignity! Add a Second Shirt and Save $15.00! Add an…

How does a non-profit help breast cancer patients?

A national non-profit helps metastatic breast cancer patients cover the insurance co-payment cost of chemo and targeted treatment drugs. Patients must meet certain criteria related to their diagnosis, treatment and financial situation and must have private insurance or Medicare.

Do you want to be diagnosed with breast cancer?

Absolutely no one wants breast cancer. But when a diagnosis comes, there are some things that can make the horridness just a teeny bit better. We asked people for the tangible items, experiential gifts, and even the actions that money can’t buy that meant the most to them during their treatment process and their recovery.

What is Cancer Care Package?

Our cancer care packages contain handcrafted items created by McKesson volunteers. These items include a warm, hand-fringed blanket for cold treatment rooms, a notebook filled with words of encouragement from employees and a handwritten note with a personal message of hope. I was scared at my first treatment.

Why do cancer patients need comfort?

During treatment, cancer patients need comfort and support to help them through their treatment and encourage them to keep fighting. Giving Comfort is a program of the McKesson Foundation that works with nonprofits to provide cancer patients with free care packages.

What organizations help cancer patients?

These are some of the organizations and companies that focus on the financial and emotional needs of cancer patients: American Cancer Society. American Life Fund. Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition. United Way. Various church and local nonprofit organizations that help those with special needs. Government programs.

What charities support breast cancer?

Cancer support groups and nonprofits such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the American Cancer Society can be especially worthwhile for women fighting breast cancer. They may organize breast cancer walks, provide transportation to medical facilities, or any other services to breast cancer survivors and patients.

How can we help people with breast cancer?

We rely on the generosity of people like you. Donate online and help breast cancer patients in treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what is most important… healing. This will certainly relieve me of the stress of paying my basic utilities. My biggest financial fear was possibly ending up homeless with no place to go.

Can financial help uninsured patients get cancer treatment?

Financial Help Uninsured patients with meager incomes (indigent) can get cancer treatments by applying for financial help at a non-profit hospital or medical center. Under IRS rules, non-profit providers must have a written financial assistance policy that meets minimum standards. Applies to all emergency and other medically necessary care