Can a sports hernia heal without surgery

There are few treatments that have been shown to be effective for sports hernia other than surgery. That said, the initial treatment of a sports hernia is always conservative in hopes that the symptoms will resolve.

Can sports hernia repair itself?

However, all the flexibility in the world will not really repair the sports hernia, it can help you keep from aggravating it. Simply put, that tear isn’t going to fix itself. It needs a little help to heal. This is where sports hernia surgery comes in.

How long does surgery take to treat sports hernia?

Surgery should be the last resort for the treatment of this injury, as it will leave you in bed rest for weeks. Physical therapy can to some extent remedy this injury but severe cases will require surgery. This is what physical therapy has to offer for the treatment of sports hernia.

How do you heal a sports hernia?

Anti-inflammatory medications will not heal a sports hernia, but they may reduce the swelling associated with the injury, which will also reduce the pain. Rest is one of the most recommended treatments for sports hernia. Allowing the affected muscles to rest will greatly improve the healing process.

What is sports hernia therapy?

Choosing Sports Hernia Surgery vs. Physical Therapy. Surgery will allow the problem to be repaired by experts, and therapy will encourage muscles to strengthen and help to increase flexibility so that re-injury is less likely. When recovering from a sports hernia, the choice of method is easy – simply combine the best of both worlds.

Can sports hernia be repaired?

Much like the surgical options for true hernias, sports hernia repair can be done as a traditional, open surgery with one long incision or as a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. In an endoscopy, the surgeon makes multiple small incisions and uses a tubelike camera, called an endoscope,…

Can surgery repair a hernia?

Only surgery can definitively repair a hernia. A lot of people are able to delay surgery for months, even years in some cases. It’s all contextual based on your specific symptoms or pain level. You could repair a hernia that isn’t even presenting symptoms, or you could wait and see if the hernia is currently non-bothersome.

What is the treatment for sports hernia?

Sports hernia additional surgical treatment. In some cases of sports hernia, pain in the inner thigh continues after surgery. An additional surgery, called adductor tenotomy, may be recommended to address this pain. In this procedure, the tendon that attaches the inner thigh muscles to the pubis is cut.

Is it possible to heal a hernia without surgery?

Spigelian hernia: This rare type of hernia occurs when the bowel pushes through the abdomen at the outer side of the abdominal muscle, below the navel. Can you heal a hernia without surgery?