Can i eat on juice cleanse

blogto.comThe day after completing a detox diet or juice cleanse, eat mainly vegetables, either raw or lightly steamed, and fruit or nuts. Portion sizes should be small and the diet should be very similar to what you did to prepare — no sugar, coffee, wheat, gluten-containing foods, processed foods, or dairy.

What can I eat/drink during my cleanse?

What Is A Juice Cleanse?

  • Only drink juices and other liquids, i.e., water, for several days.
  • Drink juices along with dietary supplements.
  • Drink juices that will help cleanse the colon.
  • In preparation for the cleanse, for 3-5 days, gradually limit specific foods, like coffee, meat, dairy products, wheat, etc ( Source).

What can I eat while juicing?

While juicing gives your body the quickest detox, we understand the need to incorporate food. Stick to organic fruits and vegetables (think avocado, blueberries, strawberries, leafy greens), soaked nuts, or try our meal replacement smoothies and snacks for other healthy and delicious food options.

Should you go on a juice cleanse to lose weight?

Juices are an easy way to drink vitamins and nutrients since they are readily available in liquid form; however, they should be used as a supplement and not as a substitute for a balanced diet. You will lose weight while on the cleanse, but it will be from your muscles and from water weight.

What do you need to start a juice cleanse?


  • Drink More Water. Cleansing reconnects you with your body’s needs. Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger, so drink…
  • Cut Back on Caffeine. For best results while cleansing, we want to bring your body into a more alkaline state. If you…
  • Eat and Drink More Fruits & Veggies. Up your enzyme intake and start introducing more fruits and…

Can you eat anything during a juice cleanse?

Can you eat anything during a juice cleanse? Consuming solid food is not only permitted but also encouraged to help your body get rid of toxins. During and after your cleanse, it is important to only eat vegetables, either raw or steamed. Fruits and nuts are also acceptable to snack on during a cleanse.

What can I eat while cleansing?

It is also easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from the fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds. We always get asked, “What fruits and vegetables can I eat while cleansing?” Well, you can pretty much eat any fruit, vegetable, nut, or seed as long as everything you eat is raw; and you can eat until you are content.

What can I eat on a detox diet?

Detox foods usually focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. No specific “detox” diet exists, but usually a simple detox consists of whole, unprocessed foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables and water. Sometimes, a detox may include plain whole grains, lean meats and raw nuts, too.

What is the best diet for a cleanse?

Cleansing Diet 1 Water: drink plenty of good, clean water each day. 2 Vegetables: minimum of 5 servings daily. 3 Fruits: minimum of 2 servings daily. 4 Grains/Starches: 4-8 servings daily (choosing whole grains over refined). 5 Legumes: 1-3 servings daily (i.e., beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, etc.) 6 (more items)