Can i just get braces on my bottom teeth

jkortho.comYou certainly can get braces only for the bottom teeth. In my experience though you would be limiting yourself and a doctor who will be doing your treatment to less optimal results in most cases.

Can you get braces on top or bottom of teeth?

While you can get braces on your top or bottom teeth only (deferred to as single or one-arch orthodontic treatment), it’s only suitable some patients. For most, it may not be the most ideal treatment plan. It’s not that common but some patients only need single arch treatment.

Can braces cause overbite?

Keep in mind, if the bite is okay in the back and just the front teeth are crowded, braces on the top teeth only will create an overbite. Sometimes we can lessen this upper arch flaring by reducing the size of the upper teeth with what is known as air rotor stripping (ARS) or interproximal reduction (IPR).

Can an orthodontist change your braces?

When an orthodontist opts for just top teeth braces or bottom teeth braces, they only do so after looking at the bite, or the relationship between the lower and upper teeth, because changing just one set of teeth will affect your “overbite.”

Can bottom teeth be crooked?

However, crooked bottom teeth are noticeable when speaking so patients may fix the problem with bottom teeth braces. Crowded and twisted bottom teeth may also cause a bite problem which braces can correct. There are patients who are happy with their top teeth and just want to fix a crowding problem or similar on the bottom arch.

Can I get braces on the top teeth only?

Every once in a while, a patient will visit Richard Chan Orthodontics and ask about the possibility of getting braces on the top teeth only or the bottom teeth only. They usually feel their top or bottom teeth are straight enough or the bottom teeth aren’t all that visible so they consider them less of a priority.

Can braces correct an overbite?

For example, if you have an overbite with crooked bottom teeth, while the top teeth are mostly straight, then braces just on the bottom teeth might be all that is needed. As the teeth are realigned on the bottom, this can cause the jawbone to shift and correct the overbite.

Do Orthodontists put braces on both teeth?

on just the top teeth or just the bottom teeth but not both. While some orthodontists will put braces on the top teeth first before moving onto the bottom teeth, or vice versa, that’s a little different and still involves eventually addressing both sets of teeth.

Can braces be used on just the bottom teeth?

Occasionally, braces or Invisalign on just the bottom or top teeth can be effective. However, these situations are quite rare because the bite is extremely complex and aligning it requires a delicate balance.