Can we eat apple during cold and cough

Citrus fruits and bananas are healthy for you and your kids, but when you are recovering from coughs and colds, they can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Instead of giving these to your child, go for non-mucous-producing, “watery” fruits like watermelon, pineapple, apples, pears. You can even offer berries and grapes, in limited doses.

What to eat during a cold and cough?

Opt for a lot of liquids in the form of home made fruit juices, milkshakes and soups. All kinds of fruits can be given during a cold and cough. No particular fruit is known to cause harm in coughs and colds.

Can you give fruit during a cold?

All kinds of fruits can be given during a cold and cough. No particular fruit is known to cause harm in coughs and colds. If there is any aggravation of symptoms, do consult with your paediatrician.

Can you eat fruits when you have a cold?

Fruits contain sugar, and also calories. While it is good to decrease sugar when you are ill, fruits are a good source of nutrition, and probably the best thing you can eat (in general). But there is no reason to avoid fruits when you have a cold, probably just the opposite (for the vitamin C). Just not in excess.

What foods to avoid when you have a cough?

Foods like chips, french fries and even junk food should be avoided. Citrus fruits: Fruits with citric acid may cause acid reflux aggravating your throat and triggering coughs. Fruits that have lot of water content like watermelon, pears, pineapples, peaches should be taken.

What to eat when you have a cold and cough?

Fried foods No cheating with fast food, French fries, deep fried anything. These will only aggravate the condition and make you feel heavy. This also means avoiding chips and salty junk food. During a cough and cold bouts, it’s best to eat foods that can help alleviate the symptoms and also keep you hydrated.

What foods to avoid with a cough?

4. Avoid eating fried foods: Fried foods are oily in nature and oil is a well-known cough trigger. Deep-frying foods in hot oil generates a compound called acrolein, which acts as an allergen that aggravates coughing and causes throat itching. So, it’s best to avoid oily, fried foods while you have a cough.

Can you avoid eating cold foods?

Avoid eating cold foods: According to Dr Pradip Shah, consultant physician, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, a common cold and cough triggered by cold food items like ice-cream and cold drinks is a common complain of people visiting local health clinics.

What to eat to prevent cold and flu?

A healthy immune system not only helps prevent cold and flu infections, it also helps prevent serious complications and ensures rapid recovery when they do occur. Foods which have been shown to boost the immune system include: Yoghurt; Kefir; Salmon and tuna; Flaxseeds and walnuts; Olive, canola and walnut oil.