Can we sleep while wearing lenses

Even though some contact lenses are FDA approved to sleep in, removing them overnight is still the safest practice. Studies have shown a 10-15 percent increase in the rate of infections in people who sleep in lenses versus people who remove their lenses at night 1. However, there are some lenses that are much safer to sleep in than others.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses during sleep?

It is advisable to not but if you do then it is necessary that you clean your eyes with a sterile cleansing and rinse solution.Unfortunately, overnight wear of contact lenses is not a good idea for everyone. And for many people, wearing contact lenses during sleep increases the risk of eye problems.

Is sleeping in lenses bad for Your Eyes?

Sleeping in lenses was the most common offense reported by people who wear contacts according to a report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You know it’s bad for your eyes. But sometimes you might think not having to go through the trouble of taking out your contacts is worth the risk.

Can you sleep with contact lenses?

Many people decide to sleep while still wearing contact lenses because they have done it before with no issues. However, you are taking a risk every time you decide to fall asleep with contacts in. Your eye will expand and swell whenever your eye is shut no matter the length of time.

How does sleeping with contacts affect your eyes?

You also experience a decrease of oxygen to the cornea when you sleep because your eyes are shut. The combination of having contact lenses in and sleeping can critically reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes. 2. Sleeping With Contacts Can Increase Eye Infections

Can you wear contact lenses during sleep?

Despite these extended wear safety improvements, wearing contact lenses during sleep still carries a greater risk of complications than removing your lenses daily. For this reason, most eye care practitioners now recommend daily disposable contact lenses as the preferred alternative to extended wear lenses.

Are contact lenses safe to sleep in?

However, there are some lenses that are much safer to sleep in than others. Sleeping in contact lenses is referred to as “extended wear”, and some have been approved by the FDA for extended wear. These lenses tend to be very breathable and have very high levels of oxygen that is transmitted through the lens to the cornea.

Can sleeping in contact lenses cause eye infections?

That’s because sleeping in your contact lenses makes you six to eight times more likely to get an eye infection. Serious eye infections can lead to corneal damage, surgery, and in rare cases, loss of vision.

Is it safe to wear contacts overnight?

Sleeping in daily wear contacts doesn’t only increase your risk for eye infections. “You can also irritate your eyes and experience other problems with your cornea, the front surface to the eye,” says Allison Babiuch, MD. Despite some contact lenses being approved for overnight wear, Dr. Babiuch says she still doesn’t recommend them.