Can you get pregnant after endometrial ablation

Pregnancy is not generally recommended after having an endometrial ablation procedure because each pregnancy is considered to be at more risk. The risks are increased for both mom and baby. Although pregnancy is not recommended, it is possible to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy after endometrial ablation.

Can you still get pregnant after novasure procedure?

Pregnancy is not likely after ablation, but it can happen. If it does, the risks of miscarriage and other problems are greatly increased. If a woman still wants to become pregnant, she should not have this procedure. Women who have endometrial ablation should use birth control until after menopause.

Can warfarin be taken before or after an endometrial ablation?

Before an ablation procedure, your doctor may tell you to avoid any medication that increases your risk of bleeding, such as aspirin. If you’re taking a blood thinner, like warfarin, your doctor may or may not advise you to stop taking it a few days before your procedure.

Can I still get pregnant after an uterine cauterization?

Uterine cauterization does not help as birth control so yes you can still get pregnant, although it is not recommended. Since you have not had a period in 2 years you can not know if it is from menopause or from the ablation without getting blood work. You can get blood to check if you are menopausal. Hope that helps and best wishes.

Is it possible to get pregnant after Endo. ablation?

It is possible . You can get pregnant after endometrial Endometrial Cancer A cancer that begins in the endometrium. ablation and tubal ligation . Before you get started there are several things you should be aware of before you try to conceive after an endometrial ablation procedure.

Can you get pregnant after an ablation?

Pregnancy Chances and Risks After Endometrial Ablation. While it is still possible to get pregnant after an endometrial ablation, there is an increased risk of complications from the start of your pregnancy until after delivery, including death. Endometrial ablations are not good options for women who have not yet decided to stop having babies.

Can you get pregnant after menopause?

This is especially true for women nearing menopause or after menopause. Other causes include abnormal tissues such as fibroids, polyps, or cancer of the endometrium or uterus. Endometrial ablation lessens menstrual bleeding or stops it completely. You may not be able to get pregnant after endometrial ablation.

What are the chances of pregnancy after endometrial ablation?

According to a review article in the French Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics and Biology of Reproduction the chance of pregnancy (implantation) after endometrial ablation is between 0.7 and 2.4%.

Can I get pregnant with a sterilization?

Uterine ablation and pregnancy do not mix well. If you don’t want to get pregnant, or you have completed your childbearing, you should strongly consider sterilization at the time of endometrial ablation. If sterilization is not an option, choose an effective form of birth control such as a hormonal IUD or other hormonal contraception.