Compassionate healthcare services

Compassionate Health Care Services Inc (CHCS) is a Health Care Staffing Agency (HCSA) and residential healthcare services agency (RSA). We provide variety of health care staffing services as well as residential health care services for all ages.

What is compassionate care?

Providing care solutions so your family can get back to simply being family. Family owned and operated in Michigan since 1998, Compassionate Care Home Health Services provides customized, high-quality, nurse-led home care with continuity to proactively meet the needs of those we serve.

What is a Michigan home health care agency?

Michigan Home Health Care Agency. Compassionate Care Home Health Services, Inc. is a private duty home health care agency owned and operated in Michigan that has been providing excellent home health care for Michigan residents and their families since 1998.

What is compassionate finance?

We make the best care available, available to everyone. Compassionate Finance™ makes every procedure affordable by offering customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. Our cloud-based approval process is instantaneous and every patient can qualify with just an active bank account*.

Why is compassion important in nursing?

“The nurse’s compassion is an invaluable aspect of care,” states Koplowitz, “because it provides patients with emotional support, which can lessen depression and strengthen the patient’s will to survive.”. Compassionate nursing is broadly associated with caring actions.

What are the benefits of compassion in nursing?

Patients who are shown compassion by the nurses who care for them are more likely to be comfortable in times of illness, pain and mental stress. Whether preparing for surgery, recovering from an injury or fighting a disease, compassion can help make pain more tolerable and ease the minds of nervous patients.

What makes a compassionate nurse?

Compassion in nursing takes a nurse from competent care that includes the required skills and knowledge to treat their patients to outwardly caring through actions and deeds that involve the emotional aspects of the relationship.

What is care and compassion?

As verbs the difference between caring and compassion is that caring is while compassion is (obsolete) to pity. is that caring is the act of one who cares while compassion is deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with the wish to relieve it. is (of a person) kind, sensitive, empathetic.