Dexa scan philadelphia body fat

Accurate Body Composition Test and Body Fat Testing in Pennsylvania. The DEXA / DXA scan measures fat mass, lean mass, and bone mass, both for the total body and for specific segments of the body. Distribution of body fat, including visceral fat. Dexafit. Dexa scan b

What is a DEXA scan?

Composition DEXA Scan lets fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and dieters measure body composition. See exactly how much body fat and muscle you have and where. DEXA Scan helps identify patients at high risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. By monitoring bone density, physicans and patients can assess risk and proactively treat the problem.

Is DEXA FDA approved?

DEXA is FDA-approved and quantifies your lean, fat, and bone mass (to identify osteoporosis), and visceral fat (which correlates to your risk for hormonal imbalances and disease) University and professional sport labs across the country trust DEXA as the most accurate body composition measurement available Get Answers. Not Estimates.

Why do athletes use a DEXA scan?

Optimize workout intensity. As well as using a DEXA Scan for basic body fat measurement, athletes often use the scan to pick up muscle asymmetries between their left and right sides. Muscle imbalances asymmetries are often caused when our sport causes us to favor one side, or when we use improper form that makes our dominant side do more work.

What is DEXA weight loss?

Weight Loss. DEXA helps you monitor your weight loss progress. An initial baseline scan lets you see exactly where you are when you start, and then track how much body fat they are actually losing, and how much muscle you are gaining. Just using scales often hides progress.

What do you wear when you get a DEXA scan?

DEXA Scans are similar to X-rays, and you should avoid wearing any type of metal during the procedure. This includes earrings and any other jewelry, regardless of where it is on your body. You may want to wear clothing that is not clingy and is comfortable on the day of your test.

What age is best to start getting a DEXA scan?

A DEXA bone density scan is generally recommended for people over age 65 and those who have risk factors for osteoporosis. The scan can tell you the status of your bone health and help your doctor determine what steps you need to take should the results indicate bone loss and osteoporosis risk.

How often should a DEXA scan be done?

Because of the exposure to radiation, DEXA scans should be completed a maximum of once every two years. Even with high-risk patients receiving treatment, doctors will monitor bone health in other ways.

What does a DEXA scan tell you about bone health?

A DEXA scan is a high-precision type of X-ray that measures your bone mineral density and bone loss. If your bone density is lower than normal for your age, it indicates a risk for osteoporosis Osteoporosis A condition where bone strength weakens and is susceptible to fracture. and bone fractures. DEXA stands for dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. This technique was introduced for commercial use in 1987.