Do rainbow sandals fit wide feet

Many people especially women have this complain that Rainbow sandals are not great for wide feet fitting. They are best for narrow feet folks in majority. On the other side, Reef Sandals come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes. You can wear them comfortably even when you have wide feet.

Are Rainbow Sandals good for your feet?

So while your sandals will ultimately feel great on your feet, achieving the perfect fit will take time and patience. Despite being made of different materials, all Rainbow Sandals, including the leather, rubber and hemp varieties, benefit from the same breaking-in techniques.

How big are Rainbow Sandals?

The sizing chart on the Rainbow Sandals website is pretty accurate. I usually wear a size six in shoes and even though my feet are quite wide, the small is perfect. The sandals are definitely great if you have wide feet like me, but since they’re leather, they will mold to your feet well.

What do Rainbow Sandals feel like?

When you first put on a pair of Rainbow Sandals, they might feel uncomfortable across the top of your feet. This snug fit is intentional — the straps are made to be tight at first, but are engineered to stretch upon wearing. Additionally, the soles are crafted from memory-foam and will adapt to the unique shape of your foot.

Are Rainbow Sandals tight?

Just because your new Rainbow Sandals are a little tight, it doesn’t mean they don’t fit. These leather, rubber or hemp sandals require some time to stretch out and conform to your foot. Take a little time to work them in with a few creative shoe hacks, and enjoy the supreme comfort these sandals can provide.

What kind of sandals are good for wide feet?

A fashionable statement on your foot, these Mediterranean-inspired FitFlop platform sandals feel like cushiony goodness thanks to two midsole layers and a footbed that’s ever so slightly contoured, totally appealing to your foot. And for anyone who has a wide foot or bunions, listen up!

What are the best sandals for painful feet?

The Best Sandals for Your Feet, According to Podiatrists

  • Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal.
  • Vionic Keomi Sandal.
  • NAOT Footwear Kayla.
  • Therafit EVA Women’s Leather Adjustable Strap Slip on Sandal.
  • OluKai U’I Sandal.
  • Aetrex Piper Braided Quarter Strap.
  • Are sandals foot friendly?

    And although it’s always fun to kick your heavy winter boots aside­, sandals are not the most foot-friendly shoes to be wearing. Besides the lack of support and blister-causing straps, sandals can also be easier to trip in, leading to bumps, bruises, or something worse, like rolled ankles and broken toes.

    What are Rainbow Sandals?

    Rainbow sandals with layers of memory foam that’ll mold into the exact shape of your foot. It also helps that they’re boho as hell. “These are the most comfortable sandals by far. I have flat feet and these sandals can be a bitch to break in, BUT once you do they are the best thing since sliced bread. Absolutely love my Rainbows.