Do you get scars from breast reduction

Breast reduction scars are inevitable, but only to a certain degree. With the right surgeon, you may have minimal scarring post-reduction. Before choosing a plastic surgeon, ask them for a portfolio of their work on breast reductions to see before and after pictures.

Can I avoid scarring with breast reduction?

Unfortunately, there is no way to truly avoid scarring with breast reduction. Like any surgery, when an incision is made on the skin, there will be a resultant scar. The most important consideration is the quality of the scars on the breasts.

How do you know if you have breast reduction scars?

In many cases, you may be the only one to notice the scars after several years. One major factor that relates to the visibility of the breast reduction scar is the placement of the incision. The most common incision location circles your areola and goes straight down your breast. In some cases, an additional incision follows the breast crease.

What to do after breast reduction surgery?

Long before the incisions of a breast reduction turn into scars, you should follow your surgeon’s instructions for post-care. Make sure you keep wearing chest bandages and your surgical bra for the first few days after surgery. You’ll likely see your surgeon for a follow-up after this time.

How long does it take for breast reduction to fade?

It takes up to 12-18 months for the scar reach its final form. Young patients has more redness over the scar and it takes longer to fade than old patients. A: Is there any way to have a breast reduction without large scars? Sorry, but surgery is the only way we can reduce the breasts without sagging.

Can breast reduction scars heal?

When it comes to surgery, any type of incision has the potential to leave a scar. However, there are many ways to manage this scarring. Any previous scars you’ve formed will be a good guideline for how your breast reduction scars will heal. Follow your surgeon’s scar management protocol and ask about scar gels or tapes for the future.

How to avoid scarring from breast reduction surgery?

The best way to avoid scarring from breast reduction surgery or breast enlargement surgery is to allow your wound to heal as fast as possible. This means keeping the area clean in order to prevent infection and avoiding any undue stress on the scar.

How can I get a scar on my breast?

Unfortunately incisions are necessary to reduce or lift the breasts. There are tricks to get a nice scar such as close the incisions in layers, using sutures “inside” that your body will dissolve allowing them to stay in place longer without marking the skin. Massage and use of sun screen are important postoperative care that help with the scar.

Can an expert surgeon minimize breast reduction scars?

An expert surgeon can minimize the potential for breast reduction scars. Skilled and experienced breast surgeons will create a customized plan prior to your surgery, which is designed to achieve the breast reduction goals you discussed together during your consultation.