Doctor specializing in digestive issues

A gastroenterologist is a physician who specializes in diseases of the digestive system, also called the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

What diseases do doctors specialize in?

These are specialists in diseases of the blood, spleen, and lymph glands, like sickle cell disease, anemia, hemophilia, and leukemia. They work with people who are nearing death.

When to see Doctor for digestive issues?

When to Call a Doctor About Digestive Problems. Call your health care provider if you have any of the following digestive symptoms: Heartburn that persists and/or becomes more severe, or requires more than a few weeks to be relieved by medication. A sensation of food caught in the chest or throat. Unusual or persistent abdominal pain.

What is a GI doctor called?

Also called “GI doctors,” gastroenterologists treat problems and diseases of the digestive system and are experts in how the digestive system works. As experts, they can do more than just treat problems.

Does gastroenterologist diagnose ulcers?

Therefore, if you go to a gastroenterologist, your diagnosis will be based on these types of testing. Gastroenterologists are focused on diagnosing ulcers, polyps, cancers, and other physically and visually apparent abnormalities of the digestive tract. This is a very important specialty,…

What is a disease doctor called?

Doctors who investigate diseases and viruses are called infectious disease physicians, sometimes shortened to ID physicians.

What does an infectious disease doctor do?

Infectious disease doctors are experts that specialize in identifying and treating a wide range of these conditions. What Does an Infectious Disease Doctor Do? There are dozens of infectious diseases, from the flu and pneumonia to the common cold.

What is an example of a disease doctor?

Doctors tasked with investigating viruses are known as transmissible disease physicians. They are experts in diagnosing and preventing contagious diseases. For example, ID/HIV physicians. They specialize in the investigation and treatment of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

What kind of Doctor specializes in allergies?

Here is a list of doctor professions and the areas of medicine that they specialize in: 1. Allergist An allergist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the identification and treatment of asthma, inherited immunodeficiency diseases, and autoimmune diseases, allergies due to animals, foods or medications, and related diseases.