Doctor who performs colonoscopy

Short Answer: Gastroenterologist or Colorectal surgeon or even a primary care doctor can perform a colonoscopy.

What kind of doctor should perform my colonoscopy?

Short Answer: Gastroenterologist or Colorectal surgeon or even a primary care doctor can perform a colonoscopy.

Why do doctors recommend a colonoscopy?

Your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy to: Investigate intestinal signs and symptoms. A colonoscopy can help your doctor explore possible causes of abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea and other intestinal problems.

What are the doctors called who do colonoscopies?

A medical specialist who performs colonoscopies is a proctologist: a doctor who specializes in diseases of the rectum and anus.

Does internal medicine doctor perform colonoscopy?

Although most family doctors or internal medicine doctors prefer to let a more specialized professionals handle their patients’ colonoscopy procedures, there have been studies that suggest that family doctors are qualified to perform colonoscopy procedures.

Which speciality doctor should I See for a colonoscopy?

For a colonoscopy you need to see a gastro specialist, preferably a gastro surgeon. But before that i would suggest that you see a general surgeon as this could be a simple case of hemorrhoids and that can be checked by a proctoscope itself, thus avoiding a colonoscopy.

Who should perform colonoscopy?

In general, colonoscopy should be performed by gastroenterologists, GI surgeons, or pediatric gastroenterologists who have received adequate endoscopic training within the context of their study and management of related GI disease. 10 A number of reports reveal examples of physicians doing colonoscopy who have not…

What type of Doctor perfoms anoscopy?

Anoscopy is a test similar to colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, but it limits the examination to the anal area of the body. During the procedure, a gastroenterologist (GI doctor), colorectal surgeon or proctologist will use a lubricated device called an anoscope to view the inside of a patient’s anus and rectum.

What is my doctor looking for in a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy can be done as a screening for colon cancer and other problems. The screening can help your doctor: look for signs of cancers and other problems. explore the cause of unexplained changes in bowel habits. evaluate symptoms of pain or bleeding located in the abdominal area.