Does menthol shaving cream help with sunburn

Well, you can—there’s no harm in doing so, Ross Radusky, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist explained to, and the moisturizing ingredients may actually soothe your skin. Another dermatologist told Allure that the menthol present in some men’s shaving creams may also soothe a sunburn.

Is menthol good for sunburn?

“That is why the woman reported a cooling sensation when applying menthol shaving cream to her sunburn. Still, neither dermatologist is completely on board with the idea as a first-line treatment. While menthol may temporarily decrease pain, using shaving cream alone may end up causing more irritation than it’s worth.

Does menthol shaving cream work?

“If there is aloe in the shaving cream, it will work as an anti-inflammatory, and help relieve the irritation of burnt skin.”. That being said, menthol shaving cream may help with temporary relief, however, as dermatologist Rey Hamidi explained to NewBeauty, the foaming hack won’t reduce sunburn-induced redness.

Does shaving cream help sunburn?

This DIY Sunburn Hack Involving Shaving Cream Is Going Viral — and Derms Approve of It. If the burn is still present, she claims a second day of shaving cream solution will dissolve the burn for good. Dermatologists agree that menthol will help cool the skin, but it’s not exactly drawing out the burn, as Allen-Stewart claims.

Can You shave with sunburn?

When it comes to sunburn treatment, shaving cream could help. However, this isn’t the best form of treatment. You also shouldn’t load up on shaving cream in hopes of healing your sunburn completely. As a word of caution, Zeichner says, “Shaving cream is designed for short contact on the skin, and shouldn’t be left for long periods of time.

Is menthol oil good for sunburn?

Menthol essential oil is recognized as a cooling agent and may help relieve the pain and heat from a minor sunburn for an hour or so. You should make sure to dilute a small amount of the oil with a carrier oil or find an over-the-counter (OTC) product containing it. Discontinue use if you notice any reaction when applying the diluted oil.

Is shaving cream good for sunburn?

In specific response to the viral menthol shaving cream sunburn post, UK-based doctor Sonal Shah advised first avoiding sunburns, and then avoiding the advice in the post: “The reason some people find that shaving foam can help sunburn is because it contains menthol and when menthol touches the skin it provides a cooling effect,” explains Dr Shah.

Is menthol foam Shaving Cream unconventional?

Even diligent sunscreen users can forget to reapply that second coat or miss a spot on their back, leaving them with a red, painful sunburn that’s hot to the touch. But instead of reaching for aloe vera gel, one mom turns to an unconventional product to soothe her irritated skin: menthol foam shaving cream.

What is menthol, anyway?

“Menthol is a well-known mild topical anesthetic,” adds board-certified dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, director of ethnic skin care for the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery. “That is why the woman reported a cooling sensation when applying menthol shaving cream to her sunburn.