How bad is diet soda for you

Here are 5 reasons to avoid drinking diet soda

  • It can harm your heart. According to research from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, men who drank two or more servings of Diet Coke had a 23% higher risk
  • It can cause kidney problems. A study done back in 2009 of over 3,000 women found a link between diet soda and kidney problems.
  • It can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
  • Is diet soda worse for you than regular soda?

    Diet sodas are actually worse for your health than regular soda, due to the artificial sweeteners they contain, and have been linked to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, addiction, and other health issues.

    Can 1 soda a day hurt your diet?

    Even that amount – even if it is a diet soda – can hurt your health. An American Diabetes Association study reported that consuming one or more sodas per day compared to none at all increased the risk of metabolic syndrome by 36% and type 2 diabetes by 67%.

    How does diet soda damages your body?

    7 Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

    • Deceivingly “Diet”
    • Kidney Problems
    • Messed-Up Metabolism
    • Obesity
    • A Terrible Hangover
    • Cell Damage
    • Rotting Teeth
    • Reproductive Issues

    Should you stop drinking diet soda?

    Most diet soda products contain citric acid. This acid is very bad for the tooth enamel and frequent consumption can lead to tooth erosion. If you stop drinking diet soda, you will give the tooth enamel a chance to recover.

    Do you prefer diet or regular soda and why?

    If you have type I diabetes, the diet version is safer because you won’t be raising your blood sugar and requiring any insulin. If you prefer the taste of diet soda , then you can have it instead of regular pop. But you should know that it isn’t any healthier, and that is won’t prevent weight gain.

    What are the hazards of drinking diet soda?

    But worse than that, drinking diet soda has been linked to serious health problems. Health dangers of diet soda include: 1. Heart disease. A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that diet soda drinkers were at greater risk for vascular health defects, such as heart attacks and strokes.

    What are the worst diet sodas?

    Diet Mountain Dew may well be one of the most harmful diet sodas because it contains the greatest number of potentially dangerous compounds.

    Is diet soda really that bad for You?

    Diet sodas also harm the immune system because their acidity causes havoc with our gut bacteria. And the phosphoric acid that’s present in many cans has been shown to leach calcium from our bones. While every diet soda is bad for you, some are clearly worse than others.