How do i get my cheek to stop twitching

Your doctor is likely to prescribe a muscle relaxer to prevent twitching. This is the usually the first treatment for the condition as it helps relax your face muscles. The most commonly prescribed medications are:


Carbamazepine is used to prevent and control seizures.

, baclofen and


Clonazepam is used to prevent and control seizures.


How do I Stop my Shoulder from twitching?

Massage your muscle. If you have a muscle that is twitching because it is tight, this can often be relieved by massage. Moving the muscle around can release the tension that is causing the muscle to contract. Gently rub muscles that are twitching if it is comfortable for you to do so.

How to treat facial twitching?

How to Treat Facial Twitching. Replace your coffee with tea, especially green tea, as caffeine can act as an irritant (fresh fruit juices are also a great substitute for your daily cup of joe). Do facial exercises to help strengthen the affected muscle, but do them only between spasms and not during.

What should I do about twitching in my eyes?

“Getting restful sleep and eliminating stress may be all that is needed to resolve the eye twitching. “If muscle twitching (fasciculations) spread to other muscle groups, such as arms, legs and are associated with muscle weakness, that would necessitate a visit to a doctor to rule out more serious underlying conditions.”

Why is my cheek muscle twitching?

Facial spasm or muscle twitching can be caused by anxiety. There’s no doubt that stress or being anxious has the ability to cause cheek muscles to contract involuntarily. It could be mild or severe, but this is incredibly common. Muscles twitch is an indication of anxiety especially if you are under distress.

How do you stop muscle twitching?

Together, they cited information from 12 references. To stop minor muscle twitches, try massaging the muscle to release the tension that could be causing it to contract. You can also simply wait for the twitches to pass, which should not take longer than 48 hours.

Should I stop rubbing my muscles?

If the muscle begins to hurt, or twitch more, then you should stop rubbing it. Get enough rest. Muscle twitches can be more frequent when you do not get enough rest. Make sure that you are sleeping through the night and that you give yourself additional rest during the day if you are feeling particularly tired.

How to stop anxiety twitching?

Other preventive measures prevent the twitching itself, while some measures help prevent both anxiety and twitching more generally. To help stop anxiety twitching: Eat a healthy diet. Having the right amount of salt and micronutrients makes your muscles less likely to twitch. A healthy diet can also help reduce anxiety.

What causes muscle twitching from tiredness?

A common place to experience muscle twitching from tiredness is in the eyelid. Drinking too much coffee, tea, or energy drinks that contain caffeine may cause muscle twitching. Caffeine is a stimulant. When a person has too much of it, caffeine can stimulate muscle twitching anywhere in the body.