How does infrared sauna work

An infrared sauna is a modality that uses infrared heaters to emit light from the electromagnetic spectrum, including near, mid, and far-infrared light.


light therapy, or Waon therapy, uses light to create heat that is absorbed by the skin instead of traditional saunas that use steam or hot air to create heat the air in the room.

How is a traditional sauna different from an infrared one?

Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna: ONLY ONE CAN WIN!

  • Heat. Probably the most fundamental difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna is the manner in which the sauna provides heat.
  • Humidity.
  • Size.
  • The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas and Traditional Saunas are Virtually Identical.
  • Convenience.
  • Infrared Sauna vs.
  • Experience and Atmosphere.
  • And the WINNER is….

What are the benefits of infrared sauna?

The supposed benefits of using an infrared sauna are similar to those experienced with a traditional sauna. These include: better sleep. relaxation. detoxification. weight loss. relief from sore muscles.

What to expect in our infrared sauna?

Our infrared sauna employs multi-spectrum low-frequency heat up to 158°F to increase circulation , promote cellular regeneration , and supplement your body’s own natural healing and rebuilding process. Sauna boosts metabolism, improves your body’s reaction to stress, and can reduce the harmful effects of time, lifestyle, and the elements.

What can an infrared sauna do for You?

How Does Far Infrared Help Boost Your Immune System

  • Far Infrared is therapeutic; it helps to raise your core body temperature which is a way your body immune system…
  • Another way the far infrared sauna helps to boost your immune system is by stimulating the production of white blood…
  • Through perspiration, infrared sauna helps to reduce and if not completely…
  • What is the difference between an infrared sauna?

    Probably the most fundamental difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna is the manner in which the sauna provides heat. An infrared sauna radiates infrared (non-visable) light at wavelength that will be directly absorbed by the body. A traditional sauna heats the air inside the sauna which, in turn, heats the body.

    Why is an infrared sauna better than a traditional sauna?

    An infrared sauna takes less time to heat up compared to a traditional sauna. This is because the heaters produce infrared waves or energy, and they act directly on the body. A traditional sauna has to heat up first before the bather enters in.

    What is infrared technology?

    Infrared technology is not new, but infrared sauna has only gained popularity in recent decades. Designed to look like traditional saunas, the modern infrared sauna includes heating panels in the walls (no stove). The ambient temperature is normally much lower, between 40º-60ºC.

    What is the best sauna to use?

    The best sauna is the sauna you will use the most. Both infrared and traditional saunas offer similar health benefits because they both are effective ways to raise your core body temperature. The infrared sauna tends to be quicker to use and more convenient. The Traditional sauna allows for steam and a fuller, richer experience.