How long does a mcl injury take to heal

On average, it takes six weeks for a MCL injury to heal. The initial treatment for most grade 1, 2 or 3 MCL tears focuses on reducing the pain and inflammation in the knee while immobilizing the knee to keep it stabilized. This includes:

How do I treat a MCL sprain?

Nonsurgical Treatment Options for MCL Tears or Sprains.

  • Rest. Activities that irritates the knee, such as pivoting and walking for long periods of time, should be avoided until the symptoms get better.
  • Ice. A person may be advised to apply ice packs to the knee to help reduce swelling and decrease pain.
  • Compression. Wearing a tight, elastic bandage around the knee can help stop swelling.
  • Elevation. Keeping the knee propped up above the waist can help decrease swelling.

How should a MCL sprain be treated?

Treatment consists of: Resting From Activity: This means you won’t be playing the sport where you sustained the injury while you recover. 4  Icing the Injury: Learn how to ice correctly 1  Anti-Inflammatory Medications Knee Exercises: See which exercises are used for MCL tear recovery. More

How long after MCL sprain can I run again?

After 6 weeks from an MCL sprain, is it bad to run on it or does the pounding slow the healing process? Dr. John Michalski answered 35 years experience Orthopedic Surgery MCL: Grade 1 & 2 mcl sprains should be ik to run by 6 weeks.

How long is the recovery for MCL surgery?

The average recovery time for MCL surgery is about six months, but the full range is from twelve weeks to twelve months at each end of the spectrum. The early stages of MCL surgery recovery influence the entire healing process. Giving your body the opportunity to heal quickly and thoroughly is…

How to treat a sprained MCL?

  • Applying crushed ice, in a bag and covered with a towel, to the affected area.
  • Resting the knee joint. Refrain from any activity that places stress on the joint,…
  • Bracing. A knee brace may be recommended to prevent any further sideways motion…
  • Elevating the knee above the level of the heart, whenever possible.
  • Taking pain medication such as acetaminophen…

What is the treatment for a MCL tear?

Treatment of an MCL tear depends on the severity of the injury. Treatment always begins with allowing the pain to subside, beginning work on mobility, followed by strengthening the knee to return to sports and activities. Bracing can often be useful for the treatment of MCL injuries. Fortunately,…

What to do if you have a MCL strain?

If you have a mild MCL strain, it can heal on its own with rest, ice, and other self-care. You’ll need to raise your sore knee when you put ice on it, keep weight off the joint, and protect and compress the injury with a knee brace or elastic bandage.

What should I do if I have MCL in my knee?

A knee brace can help to prevent any sideways movement of the knee joint and protect the MCL from strain and pressure. If an MCL tear is severe, a doctor may recommend that a person use crutches to avoid putting weight on the knee joint. Resting the knee after an MCL tear can help speed up healing.