How much does a nuclear stress test cost

thehealthywaycardiologycentre.comIf you are requested to take a nuclear stress test, you will be most likely to pay around $200 to $5,000, with an average of $2,600. It will also depend on your insurance provider policies; you might pay the total cost or half of it. You could anticipate an average cost of $150 to $400 for a nuclear stress test or stress echocardiogram.

What is the average cost of nuclear stress test?

The cost of the test and it also includes the cost involved in analysis of the results. Those who have a medical insurance may cover a certain portion of the procedure. You can expect the average nuclear stress test cost to be around $200 to $400. This cost will still depend on the responsibility of the patient’s copay.

What you can expect to happen during a nuclear stress test?

Although extremely rare, it’s possible that a nuclear stress test could cause a heart attack. Dizziness or chest pain. These symptoms can occur during a stress test. Other possible signs and symptoms include nausea, shakiness, headache, flushing, shortness of breath and anxiety.

What is the average cost of a stress test?

Price Range
Cardiovascular Stress Test Cost Average $1,200 – $11,700
Pulmonary Tests (Stress Test) Cost Average $575 – $5,200

What are the dangers of a stress test?

A stress test is generally safe, and complications are rare. But, as with any medical procedure, there is a risk of complications, including: Low blood pressure. Blood pressure may drop during or immediately after exercise, possibly causing you to feel dizzy or faint.

How much does a nuclear stress test cost?

But, the nuclear stress test can range between $ 1,500 to 5,000. Fees for Nuclear stress test includes physician fee, facility fees and cost of material used for test. Average physician fee range is $ 120 to $ 500. Facility fee can be $ 800 to $ 4,600.

How much is the average cost of stress test?

There are typically two main costs associated with a stress test — the cost of the test itself and the cost of analyzing the results. Patients with medical insurance covering a portion of the cost of the stress test procedure can expect to pay $200-$400 total out of pocket, depending on a patient’s copay responsibility.

How much does an average cardiac stress test cost?

Uninsured patients will likely pay $ 1 , 000 -$ 5 , 000 for stress test and the analysis. A cardiovascular stress test costs about $ 3 , 800 on average nationally, according to [ 2], but can get as high as $ 10 , 900 . Prices range based on geographical location, with urban, metropolitan areas charging higher prices than rural areas.

Are long stress tests necessary?

as long as you are comfortable with your limits (thermal/temperature, voltage), then stress testing for several hours is fine i’d say stress test an hour or so to find the upper limits of frequency given your voltage, then dial the frequency down a little (or voltage up a little), stress more (>3 hours) to make sure it is stable