How often to drink iaso tea

Iaso Tea It is essentially an herbal tea that contains 9 ingredients that work in synergy with each other to help cleanse your digestive tract. By drinking the tea twice every day, your body and digestive system can rebalance itself, by ridding itself of toxins, fats, parasites, and even worms.

How to lose weight with IASO tea?

The tea is specifically manufactured to improve weight loss and detoxify your body through intestinal-based cleansing. The secret to how this product works lies in the Iaso tea ingredients. First, the Persimmon Leaves are considered to be a natural cleansing component that has been used to prepare medicines in China.

What does IASO tea do?

Iaso Tea is primarily a cleansing and weight loss product. It is said to detoxify the body and at the same time promote weight loss through a special blend of 9 essential herbs. The herbs work together in a synergy to helps you restore your digestive health and overall well-being.

How does IASO tea work?

IASO Tea works by utilizing a combination of herbs that offer different health benefits. There are active ingredients that are known to cleanse the digestive tract and help in enhancing* the body’s natural detoxification processes. The formulation also utilizes natural ingredients that contain essential nutrients.

Can I lose weight drinking IASO tea?

If you start drinking Iaso Tea, you can expect a small, short-term weight loss from its diuretic properties, which will promote the loss of water weight. However, this weight loss is all water, not fat, and will likely be regained once you stop drinking Iaso Tea.

How much tea to take for weight loss?

For best results, TLC recommends 8 ounces of tea taken twice daily. If the claims of the manufacturer are true, continuing with this diet tea in prescribed amount can make you lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days. Each single package of Iaso tea comes with two bags of tea meant for two servings (2×8 Oz).

What is IASO tea?

They guarantee measurable weight loss within five days. Summary: Iaso Tea is a weight loss tea created from a blend of nine herbs. The tea is produced by the US marketing company Total Life Changes, who encourage customers to distribute their product.

How does IOSO tea help you lose weight?

With Iaso tea, the basic content is that you drink the tea twice a day to see ‘amazing’ benefits. In most of the marketing, the key focus is actually detoxing, not weight loss. However, many distributors promote the product as a weight loss tool as well and even write ​reviews focusing on that apparent benefit.