How to become pear shaped

For the pear shaped body, the key is to balance out your wide butt and thighs with your choice of pants. The wide leg pants do a wonderful job. Your best choice is a pair of dark color wide leg pants which drape down from your hips.

What is a pear shaped body?

A pear-shaped body features extra-wide hips, with any additional weight carried at the legs and thighs. The upper half of a pear body, however, is generally thin, with small, narrow shoulders.

How to dress a pear shaped body type?

How to dress a pear-shaped body type 1. Add volume to your shoulders. As a pear-shaped body type, I can tell you that my narrow shoulders are one thing I… 2. Bring attention to your chest and neck. A pear-shaped body can’t help but bring attention to its hips, so shifting… 3. Tuck your top. Many

How do you know if your pear shaped?

One easy way of really knowing if you’re a pear-shaped body is to look at your waist. If it’s a bit (or noticeably) narrower than your shoulders, then you’re most probably an hourglass than a pear-shaped.

Is your body shaped like pear?

Whether your body is shaped like a pear, apple, hourglass or rectangle depends completely on your genetic make-up. The upper half of a pear body, however, is generally thin, with small, narrow shoulders.

What can a pear do to help the body?

Health Benefits of Pears

  • (1) Keeps Our Digestive System Healthy.
  • (2) Promotes Weight Loss.
  • (3) Provides Antioxidant Benefits.
  • (4) Reduces The Risk of Various Cancer (s) Pears are anti-cancerous in nature and including them in our fruit plate on a regular basis is very advantageous for our health.
  • (5) Make Our Immune System Stronger.
  • (6) Regulates Blood Pressure.

What does it mean to have a pear-shaped body?

The pear shape is a term loosely used to describe a body fat distribution that is localized to the lower half . This essentially means that the vast majority of fat tends to be stored in the hips/buttocks, thighs, and legs. Pear-shaped women generally have slim upper bodies with narrow shoulders, small busts, and tiny waists.

What does it mean if you are a pear body type?

The Gonad type or pear body type if you’re a Pear shaped body type or gonad type you tend to gain weight on the lower body, the saddle bags on the sides of the thighs and /or the buttocks. You’ve had cellulite for as long as you can remember.

What dress to wear for a pear shaped body?

A-line skirts tend to naturally highlight your waist, which makes them perfect for any pear-shaped. All you need to do is pair it with either a crop and/or tight top or a fitted one tucked inside to make the most of this skirt type. These are some A-line skirts for pear-shaped bodies: