How to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery

Cut the shirts in 1 of 2 ways: Cut down the affected arm side including under the armpit all the way down to the bottom. Be careful not to cut the top of the sleeve. Cut only the top of the affected arm side sleeve all the way to the neck on the seam. Optional: sew velcrow or buttons on both sides of these new cuts.

How do you get dressed after shoulder surgery?

Wearing Front-Opening Shirts Lay your shirt in your lap and put your affected arm in its sleeve. Use your unaffected arm to work the correct sleeve onto your other arm. Bring the garment across your back with your unaffected arm. Put your unaffected arm in the other sleeve. Adjust the shirt and button it closed.

How do you cut out a shoulder?

For the ones with the top cut out: put on from feet up over hips, under sling, and put in unaffected arm. Then pin the top at the neck and above affected shoulder. Always put affected arm in first. Prop sling & arm on pillows, unstrap it, slide the arm through, then over head and lastly the unaffected arm.

How do you make a shirt after shoulder surgery?

How to Make a Shirt for After Shoulder Surgery One way to make your specialty shirt is to take a normal dress shirt or front open shirt and remove the buttons. Next, you should get some Velcro and cut it into small strips. Just do not make them too short.

How do you remove a shoulder shirt?

Gently pull the sleeve forward to remove the shirt and you can let it slide down your body and step out of it easily. It also is easy to put on with a little help and you don’t have to move about the surgical site as the sleeve just slips up under the arm and over the shoulder fastening with gentle pressure.

What are some tips for recovering from a shoulder surgery?

Summary. Use our orthopedic surgeons’ useful tips and tricks to make sure that your shoulder surgery recovery progresses quickly and with minimal…

What clothing do you wear after shoulder surgery?

Go for loose-fitting clothing. Baggy clothes are also much easier to put on when you can’t use one of your arms. Pick out clothes that are a few sizes too big so that they’re easier to slip on. For example, if you usually wear a medium size T-shirt, wear extra large T-shirts instead immediately following your surgery.

How to use a sling after shoulder surgery?

Using your shoulder after surgery. Move your fingers, hand, and wrist around 3 to 4 times during the day while they are in the sling. Each time, do this 10 to 15 times. When the surgeon tells you to, begin taking your arm out of the sling and let it hang loosely by your side. Do this for longer periods each day.