How to force yourself to like a food

Method 2 of 2: Learning to Like the Food

  • Add it to other things. Look up recipes online that use the type of food you don’t like.
  • Add seasonings or other flavor. Try preparing or eating the food with new seasonings or sauces, without overdoing it to the point of disguising the food.
  • Talk to others about the food.
  • Cook the food yourself.
  • Try different varieties.
  • Become an expert on the food.
  • How to make yourself like healthy food?

    7 ways to make yourself like healthy food. 1 1. Pick it up and try again. Eating food you don’t like may sound masochistic, but it could be the key to changing your mind. “The best way to start 2 2. Change your associations. 3 3. Pair it with something you like. 4 4. Take it slowly. 5 5. Think positive. More items

    What to do if you don’t like other foods?

    Surround the food you don’t like with other food you do like on your plate. If you don’t like asparagus, for example, you could push it into a ball of mashed potatoes before putting it in your mouth.

    What to do if you hate a food?

    If you really hate a food, there is one fairly simple and reliable trick for making you like it more: combine it with a nice taste, and you will eventually begin to appreciate the hated food on its own.

    How do you disguise the taste of food?

    Disguising the Taste of Food Cut the food into small pieces and swallow. Eat it with something you do like. Drink something before and after. Cover the food with seasonings or condiments. Restrict your sense of smell. Eat only a polite amount.

    How to get yourself to like healthy food?

    The complete guide to getting yourself to like healthy food 1 Keep the flavors you like, but change the composition. 2 Eat at a fancy restaurant. 3 Be aware of taste satisfaction. 4 Don’t be distracted. 5 Take deep breaths. 6 (more items)

    Can you have a healthy diet?

    The key to motivating yourself to have a healthy diet is to believe that you can do it. You have probably made a lot of commitments to start eating health-giving foods regularly, but it seems that losing motivation to “eat right” is common.

    How do you start eating candy?

    Follow these tips to start eating your veggies like candy: 1. Eat them for a few months. As an adult, learning that a food is “safe” (and therefore tasty) often requires repeated exposure – just like in your younger years. “Familiarity breeds liking,” Phillips says.

    Can You Make Yourself like something?

    While there are ways to make off-putting foods more palatable (we’ll get to those techniques in a minute), exposure is the only surefire way to make yourself like something — because humans are creatures of habit and will learn to like whatever they’re repeatedly given (because otherwise, existence would be miserable).