How to make armpits smell better

Method 2 of 3: Take Additional Measures

  • See a doctor. If you really have severe armpit odor and have tried every natural treatment you can to eliminate it, then it may be time to see a
  • Shave your armpits. Shaving your armpits will make it tougher for the bacteria in your armpits to find a cozy place to settle.
  • Use a homemade hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Avoid tobacco.
  • How do you get rid of armpit smell?

    Take witch hazel and a cotton ball. Apply this remedy on your underarms, groin or another part where excessive sweating occurs with the help of cotton ball. You can also use deodorant after applying witch hazel but first, let it dry completely. Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Armpit Smell and Body Odor.

    How can I make my underarms smell better?

    Keeping your underarms clean and bacteria-free can help improve your natural scent. “Gently exfoliate your underarms once per week,” says Tara Pelletier, founder of the natural skincare line Meow Meow Tweet, over email. “You can use a washcloth or a body scrub with oat flour: Mix flour 1 to 1 with oil or water and scrub-a-dub.” 3. Try Rose Water

    How to make deodorant smell better?

    1 Take 4 teaspoons of alum powder, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and 250 ml of rubbing alcohol. 2 Mix them well and keep it in a spray bottle. 3 Use this natural deodorant whenever you have a bad odor. More

    What is the best remedy for armpit odor?

    Lemon juice is another highly acidic ingredient that doubles as a home remedy for body odor. It reduces the pH of your skin and makes it uninhabitable for bacteria. Take half a lemon and rub it directly on your armpits. Repeat once daily until you notice an improvement in your armpit odor.

    How can I get armpit smells out of clothes?

    Home Remedy to Remove Armpit Odor in Clothes Baking Soda. Pre-soak the article of clothing in cool water and wring out well. Make a paste by mixing 1 part baking… White Vinegar. White vinegar is acidic and helps to cut grease and body oils. Fill a basin with just enough cool water… Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works by breaking down the oils in the fabric… More

    Are smelly armpits a sign of illness?

    But in case your armpits’ smell is steady and strong, it’s the first sign of having potential health issues. Having some unusual smell that can not be removed even after taking a shower can be a signal of a hormonal disorder and thyroid dysfunction.

    Why does Your Armpit sweat smell like onions?

    Armpit onion smell comes from bacteria eating your sweat

    Does shaving armpits reduce sweat or odor?

    Armpit Hair And Sweat. There is circumstantial and somewhat vague evidence suggesting that shaving your armpit hair reduces sweating . While shaving your underarms won’t make your armpits cooler – or produce less sweat – the sweat stains on your clothes will be less pronounced.