How to use lime as deodorant

Use a lemon or lime as a deodorant. After a shower, just slice a wedge and rub it on your skin. Allow it to dry until you put your clothes on (just to make sure the acid doesn’t affect your clothing.) And the best part about this is that it is suppose to “condition” your underarms to stop smelling bad.

Is lime juice a natural deodorant?

While scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post by Farah Dhukai in which the makeup and DIY vlogger used lime as a natural deodorant, and I was immediately intrigued. Farak claims that using lime juice — just one single ingredient — keeps her dry and odor free.

Can you use lemon juice as deodorant?

But there there’s one summery tip popping up that we just can’t get behind: using lemon or lime juice as deodorant. Sure, juice seems like a pretty harmless substance to put on your skin, and citrus is so refreshing in hot weather (garnish for your margarita, anyone?).

How often do you spray deodorant?

I juiced a lime, strained the pulp and seeds, and put the juice in a little glass spray bottle. I kept the bottle in the fridge and sprayed it on my underarms every morning for a week. The big conclusion: it worked! But.. Not as well as my other deodorant (I was a little stinky by bedtime which is not usually the case for me). But it did work.

Can you use tea tree oil on deodorant?

This Natural Deodorant Alternative Could Leave You With a Chemical Burn. If you’re still not sold on store-bought deodorant, tea tree oil is a safe bet. Just apply a few drops directly on the skin. “Tea tree oil is antibacterial so it works well as a natural deodorant since bacteria causes a lot of the odor,” says Dr. Jaliman.

Is lemon juice good for deodorant?

Ellen Marmur, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, confirmed that lemon juice can, in fact, be useful as a natural deodorant because the citric acid in it kills bacteria and odor.

Does lemon juice deodorize?

Many people love using either lemon juice or lime juice as deodorant because it is really effective at deodorizing. Lemon juice contains citric acid which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which helps eliminate the bacteria on your skin which causes the odor.

What does lime juice do to farts?

Farak claims that using lime juice — just one single ingredient — keeps her dry and odor free. Apparently, the citric acid in the lime juice kills the bacteria that causes BO (who knew?!).

Is lime juice bad for your armpits?

The lime juice will sting. 2. Don’t expose your armpits to the sun. Components of the lime juice will make your pits more susceptible to sunburn. 3. Make sure the lime juice is dry before getting dressed. The juice may bleach your clothes. I was really nervous about leaving the apartment with nothing more than lime juice on my underarms.