How will you treat a child with special need


  • Assume the best. Presume competence, and always err on the side of assuming that the child means well.
  • Show them patience and understanding when they struggle. A kid with a disability won’t be able to do everything their peers can do—and that’s okay.
  • Avoid making assumptions.
  • Don’t fear disability.
  • Treat their disability and its symptoms as natural.
  • How can I Help my Child with special needs?

    Brothers and sisters of children with special needs need support and attention, too. Include your child with special needs in activities with all children, both with and without special needs. Gather as much information as you can about programs your community offers children your child’s age.

    When working with children who have special needs?

    When working with children who have special needs, child care providers need to realize that each child and each disability is unique. A child with visual impairments has different needs than a child with behavioral challenges.

    What do you need to know about child care?

    In some cases, child care providers need to make very few changes or modifications to the child care program for the child with a special need to participate fully. In other situations, modifications to the child care program may require more time, effort and expense. Everyone benefits when child care programs include children with special needs.

    What do parents need to know about special needs?

    Most parents of special needs children will tell you that you already need to know special needs law, understand the ins and outs of agency options and policies, and have a full grasp of all available therapies before stepping foot in a planning meeting for their child.

    How does pretend play help kids with special needs?

    Through pretend play, children learn to do things like negotiate, consider others’ perspectives, transfer knowledge from one situation to another, delay gratification, balance their own ideas with others, develop a plan and act on it, explore symbolism, express and listen to thoughts and ideas, assign tasks and roles, and synthesize different information and ideas .

    How do I know if my child has special needs?

    Early Warning Signs. Children with special needs are different in the way they develop and act. As your newborn grows, watch for early signs that your child may need extra help. Doesn’t coo or smile. Doesn’t react to loud noises or turn head to follow sounds and voices. Has difficulty holding head up by 3 months.

    What do you say to parents of children with special needs?

    Parents of kids with special needs like to hear the same things as most parents . “What a cute dress your daughter’s wearing,” or “I love your son’s new haircut,” or “What lovely manners your little ones have,” or “You must be so proud of your daughter” or “Your son has a lovely singing voice.”

    How do I know if my child has special educational needs?

    To decide if your child needs special education, the school district has to do an educational evaluation and an eligibility determination. If your child doesn’t qualify for special education services, you still have options.