I have the mirena could i be pregnant

Over the course of 5 years, fewer than 8 in 1,000 women become pregnant while using Mirena. One risk of getting pregnant while using Mirena is called ectopic pregnancy, when the pregnancy is not in the uterus. It may occur in the fallopian tubes. Signs of ectopic pregnancy may include unusual bleeding or abdominal pain.

Can you get pregnant with Mirena?

The risk of pregnancy if you have a Mirena coil in place is very low, and it is as effective as being sterilised.1 Some studies have shown a pregnancy rate of 1% after five years (about 10 per 1000 users will get pregnant over the course of five years),2,3 making the Mirena 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Can Mirena cause miscarriage?

But if pregnancy were to result while using Mirena, it could be dangerous, and may even lead to a loss of a pregnancy or even fertility altogether. One way that getting pregnant while using Mirena is dangerous is that as the fetus grows, it will move the position of the IUD which could lead to a miscarriage.

Is the Mirena a good baby?

The odds of something happening to this baby now that the Mirena is somewhere near it, was pretty good. Scary to say the least. And even scarier considering I had my first child young, which is the only reason I got this dumb thing, to prevent pregnancy, at least for awhile!

Will my pregnancy tests come out positive?

Yes you will my pregnancy tests came out positive. They did blood work and confirmed I was 6 weeks pregnant. When they did my ultrasound my baby had no heartbeat. I think the mirena might have had something to do with it.

Is it possible that Mirena can make you feel pregnant?

The hormonal side effects of the Mirena can sometimes make someone think they might be pregnant, as some are similar to symptoms you may see in the initial stages of pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant on Mirena?

The chances of getting pregnant on Mirena is a 0.1% chance every year. Most likely the pregnancy with be ectopic. This means that the baby of an ectopic pregnancy tend not to survive since these typically happen in the Fallopian tubes.

How soon can I get pregnant after having Mirena removed?

About 80% of women who attempt to conceive after having their Mirena IUD removed will successfully conceive within a year of the device’s removal.

What are the pregnancy symptoms while on Mirena?

If the pregnancy develops in your uterus, you may notice typical pregnancy symptoms, such as: missed periods. nausea, possibly with vomiting. sore, enlarged breasts. tiredness. mild cramps .