Is a leaking heart valve life threatening

slideshare.netHowever, in the most serious cases, mitral valve prolapse can cause abnormal heartbeats (arrhythmias) that may eventually become life-threatening. When valve prolapse is severe enough to cause significant valve leakage, it can lead to serious complications like stroke.

Is leaking heart valve surgery necessary?

Then, leaking heart valve surgery and other treatments may be necessary. In general, the seriousness of a leaky heart valve depends upon the degree of regurgitation and how it interferes with the flow of blood through the heart and body. Is a leaky heart valve life threatening?

Can congestive heart failure cause leaky heart valves?

This can cause symptoms of congestive heart failure, which include: Other symptoms of a leaky heart valve may include: Even when there is significant valve regurgitation, there may be no symptoms. Many people with aortic regurgitation only require observation over time.

What does it mean if your heart valve is leaking?

Leaky heart valves causes. The causes of a leaky valve depend on which valve is affected. A leaky aortic valve may be due to high blood pressure, an infection of the heart valve known as endocarditis, Marfan Syndrome, or rheumatic heart disease. The aortic valve may also be leaky if it only has two flaps as opposed to the normal three.

Can a leaky heart valve improve your life?

Sometimes. But, with leaky heart valve treatment, it is usually possible to increase life expectancy and improve quality of life, even with complications. Valve regurgitation treatment can have a major impact on how long a person can live with a leaky heart valve.

What is the procedure to cure a leaky heart valve?

Treatments include surgical repair, medicines, and replacement of the leaky valve. Observation is the key to noticing the presence of a leaking heart valve.

How do you replace a leaky heart valve?

Leaky heart valve surgery is the only way to fix a leaking heart valve. This typically involves undergoing open heart surgery, where a surgeon cuts open the sternum to repair or replace the regurgitating valve and its structures.

How serious is a leaking heart valve?

If left untreated, a leaking heart valve can result in heart failure or another cardiac-related life-threatening condition. If the condition worsens, a heart valve replacement may be required to prolong one’s life. If properly managed, a patient can experience a long-life expectancy,…

Can a leaky heart valve be fixed without surgery?

Many people in the U.S. with leaky heart valves soon might be able to get them fixed without open-heart surgery. A study showed that a tiny clip implanted through an artery was safer and nearly as effective as surgery, doctors reported Sunday.