Is blue nile legitimate

Despite its low prices, Blue Nile is a completely legitimate business. Blue Nile diamonds are GIA certified. The reason why their prices are so low is because they operate on lower margins and do not have expensive brick-and-mortar stores.

Are Blue Nile Diamonds Real?

Rest assured, diamond-fitted jewelry that are made by Blue Nile contains real diamonds that have gone through the appropriate certification methods to ensure they are of high quality and match their description provided by the company.

Are Blue Nile diamonds good?

Overall, we have to say that Blue Nile’s Astor diamonds are great quality. However, the price isn’t always the best. And it’s also too bad that they don’t offer light performance imagery. If you want to buy a diamond from this line, make sure the diamond is within the ideal proportions.

Will Blue Nile negotiate?

When it comes to negotiating, customers might be disappointed to learn that they will not be able to obtain a better deal than what is listed on the Blue Nile online store; thus the answer to this question is no, Blue Nile will not negotiate their prices.

What is Blue Nile LLC?

Blue Nile, Llc was founded in 2003. Blue Nile, Llc specializes in Jewelry, Precious Stones And Precious Metals.

Can I trust Blue Nile diamonds?

You can absolutely trust Blue Nile diamonds because all their diamonds are GIA certified and inspected in person. You can trust that whatever diamond you choose, it has been carefully graded and inspected by a gemologist. Blue Nile has conflict-free sourcing. They use the Kimberly Process which is a world-known tracking method of diamonds.

Is Blue Nile legitimate?

Yes, Blue Nile is legit. It is not a scam jewellery store because they will never steal your money. And you will receive any jewellery you purchased from the store without a problem. It may not matter to many that Blue Nile was the first online diamond retailer.

Are Blue Nile Diamonds GIA certified?

Blue Nile Diamonds are Certified. Every loose diamond sold by Blue Nile has been analyzed and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This laboratory is among the most respected in the diamond industry, and is known for consistency and unbiased diamond grading systems.