Is emergen c an electrolyte

Emergen-C Electro Mix has key electrolytes including potassium, calcium and magnesium that can be lost through perspiration. A hydrated body is a healthier body. Emergen-C Electro Mix drink mix is a smart way to replace fluids and nutrients lost during physical activity.

Can Emergen C help against the stomach virus?

All potential treatments remain experimental, and researchers have not yet tested vitamin C or shown that it can treat the virus.

Is Emergen-C bad for You?

Emergen-C is basically a vitamin C megadose. That isn’t bad for you, per say, although vitamin C overload can sometimes cause stomach discomfort or kidney stones in rare cases.

Can Emergen C make me sick?

Consuming Emergen – C in moderation is likely safe, but large doses of vitamin C , vitamin B6 and zinc can cause unpleasant side effects like stomach upset, nerve damage and copper deficiency.

Does Emergen-C actually work?

Emergen-C doesn’t work. Yes, Vitamin C is great for the body. Yes, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Yes, Vitamin C can even cure allergies. Emergen-C sucks Emergen-C sucks Emergen-C doesn’t work. But drinking one gram of Vitamin C is little more than taking a spoonful of sugar. First of all, one gram of Vitamin C is hardly enough to do anything.

Is Emergen C good for stomach flu?

Emergen-C and Stomach Flu. Emergen-C is a supplement that contains high doses of vitamin C in combination with other nutrients, such as B vitamins. Although it may support your immune system, there is no solid evidence that Emergen-C will treat stomach flu.

Can vitamin C help prevent stomach flu?

If you think taking vitamin C can help prevent getting the stomach flu, you’re mistaken. While vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that may help strengthen the immune system, the only way to prevent the stomach flu is to avoid acquiring the virus that causes it.

Does Emergen C protect against colds?

But a packet of Emergen-C only contains 2 milligrams of zinc, which some experts say isn’t enough to be effective against colds. And while the other ingredients in Emergen-C may have antioxidant or electrolyte properties, Dr. Curry says there’s no evidence that they can directly protect against colds or other viruses.

How much vitamin C is in Emergen C?

1. Vitamin C. Each serving of Emergen-C contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C, which is much more than the RDA of 90 mg per day for men and 75 mg per day for women (1, ). However, research is mixed on whether large doses of vitamin C can prevent or shorten the duration of colds or other infections.