Kt for tennis elbow

KT Tape helps to treat tennis elbow by increasing circulation to a relatively nonvascular area. KT Tape also decreases pressure and creates fascial manipulations to immediately reduce pain*.

What you should know about tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is painful weakening of the tendons that join your forearm muscles to your bones. It happens when you work your elbow too much by repeating certain motions. You might hear your doctor call it lateral epicondylitis Tennis Elbow A painful condition of the tendons caused by overuse of the elbow. . Despite the name, tennis causes only about 5% of cases.

Is there a cure for tennis elbow?

It is also helpful to use a supportive strap to reduce strain on the affected tendons. As a cure for tennis elbow, doctors generally recommend anti-inflammatory drugs or steroid injections for pain relief. Physiotherapy is also helpful in reducing inflammation and pain caused by tennis elbow.

What is tennis elbow and how do I treat it?

One of the best ways to treat stubborn tennis elbow is with physical therapy. It can improve blood flow to the tendons, which will speed healing, too. A therapist may also teach you ways to change your tennis stroke or other activities that caused your elbow troubles.

How do you tape a tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow Taping. Keeping the elbow in a slight bend, tape around the elbow approximately 2cm below the lateral epicondyle (the bony prominence on the outer aspect of the elbow) (figure 2). Apply the tape firmly to the outer aspect of the elbow and gently at the inner aspect of the elbow to prevent circulatory problems.

What is a tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow occurs when repetitive stress causes small tears in the tendon that connects the extensor muscles — which run between the wrist and elbow — to the lateral epicondyle.

How do you know if you have tennis elbow?

Your doctor may ask you to do some simple actions to see whether you have tennis elbow. These include straightening your wrist against pressure and checking for pain in parts of your arm. He may also order an MRI scan for you.

Can you tear your tennis elbow?

If you use it too much, you can tear the tendon. A common symptom is pain when you grip something (for example, when you give a handshake or open doors). Most people with tennis elbow don’t have swelling, bruising, or numbness. What causes tennis elbow? It can be caused by using your arm the same way over and over.

Should I have surgery for tennis elbow?

But if you have a severe case of tennis elbow that doesn’t respond to two to four months of conservative treatment, you may need surgery. In the procedure, the damaged section of tendon usually is removed and the remaining tendon repaired.