Nanny share tips

6 tips for creating and managing a successful nanny share:

  • Choose a Nanny Who Suits Both Families.. It’s often best to choose a nanny together with another family—finding one that…
  • Find the Right Family.. Choosing a family for a nanny share arrangement is just as important as selecting the nanny.
  • Create a Thorough Contract.. An employment contract should be in place…

What is a nanny share?

In a typical nanny share, two (sometimes more) families hire one nanny to care for their children. The nanny usually cares for all the children in one of the family’s homes. Sometimes the location is rotated between the families involved in the nanny share. A nanny share helps make in-home child care affordable for many families.

How much does it cost to have a nanny share?

Say the nanny share is for two families, each with one kid, and the going rate in your area for your experience is $15/hour for one kid. You charge family 1 $10/hour and you charge family 2 $10/hour.

How much should I pay my nanny?

Nannies in a nanny share — you should be charging each family 2/3 of your rate for their family (I have seen nanny shares where each family pays 3/4 of the nanny’s rate, but 2/3 is most common since it’s an equal 33% across the board).

How do you set up a nanny share?

The first step in setting up a successful nanny share is finding the right family for the partnership. There are a number of ways to find families who would like to do a nanny share including local parenting groups, nanny agencies, word-of-mouth, referrals from friends and colleagues, and online parenting message boards.

How much should I charge for a nanny share?

The cost of a nanny share varies by region, but with this type of nanny share, you can generally expect to pay about the same or a little more than you would pay for quality day care. For example, nanny share rates can range anywhere between $17 to $25 an hour for two children,…

What do you need to know about nanny shares?

A few details to keep in mind when discussing a nanny share include:

  • What to do if one of the children is sick – are they still welcome in the nanny share where they can possibly spread…
  • Do the families live close enough together that change of location can be made easily and last minute without it being…
  • Are there dietary restrictions or food allergies in one or…

How much to pay for nanny share?

The overall cost of sharing a nanny is about two-thirds what you’d typically pay to have your own. Paying two-thirds the average cost of $29,380 per year means you’d pay about $19,587 per year by choosing a nanny share. Now here’s how much you could save by choosing a nanny share:

How much does a nanny share cost?

Sharing a nanny usually means the two families involved split their nanny’s hourly fee. spoke with several families all over the U.S. to learn more about how families share the cost of a nanny. They reported paying between $12 to $26 per hour total – or $6 to $13 per family – for their nanny shares.