When a baby has a stroke in the womb

Some pregnancies carry a higher than average possibility that the baby may experience a stroke prior to birth. More babies who experience a stroke prior to birth are born to mothers who have blood-clotting conditions. Can a baby have a stroke prior to birth? Some pregnancies carry a higher than average possibility that the baby […]

How do you get silly string out of clothing

walmart.comHow to Remove Silly String from Clothes Step 1 Remove the silly string immediately after it comes in contact with your clothes. Once it sticks it has a higher chance of staining your clothes. Step 2 Use your fingers to pick off any remaining bits of silly string that may have dried on your clothes […]

Downy adorable smell

Downy Unstopables FRESH In-Wash Scent Booster beads are small laundry scent beads that work inside your washing machine, giving your laundry up to 12 weeks of freshness.* Before adding clothes, simply shake as many Downy Unstopables scent beads as desired into the cap, and then toss into the washer drum. What is downy unstopables soap? […]

What to wear 70 degree weather

How To Dress For 70-Degree Weather Casual Wear. If you want to step out for an early coffee on a Sunday or spend the day at the mall, wear something that is more than just Semi-Formal. Office wear is getting more relaxed, and most companies don’t expect you to be suited up. Partywear. Boat Attire. […]

Mag3 renal scan infant

A renal MAG3 (Mercaptuacetyltriglycine) scan is a diagnostic nuclear medicine test that allows your child’s doctor to see his/her kidneys and learn more about how they are functioning. A radiopharmaceutical called Technetium -99m MAG3 is injected into one of your child’s veins. What is a MAG3 renal scan? A MAG3 (Mercaptuacetyltriglycine) Lasix renal scan is […]

At 30 weeks pregnant what should the baby weigh

Fetal Growth Chart Gestational Age Length (inches) Weight (oz/lb) Length (cm) Mass (g) 29 weeks 15.2 2.54 lb 38.6 1153 30 weeks 15.71 2.91 lb 39.9 1319 31 weeks 16.18 3.31 lb 41.1 1502 32 weeks 16.19 3.75 lb 42.4 1702 Feb 26 2021 What should I eat at 30 weeks pregnant? So some women […]

How much do 38ddd weigh

Measuring Breast Weight. Now since breast tissue has a different density than water, there’s a bit more math involved. Multiply your total ounces by 0.9 to get the correct amount. For example, if the displaced water weighs 28oz, multiply it by 0.9 and the weight of your breast is 25.2oz. Remember to weigh both breasts,… […]

Why is my emerald card not working

Call the number on the back of the card or go to the website to load the money onto the Emerald card. Enter the Green Dot number, either when prompted over the phone or on the website. Enter the number of the Emerald card as well as the expiration date and the security number located […]

How soon does herpes show on a test

For this test, your doctor scrapes or swabs one of your sores to take a sample. A lab then checks the sample for the herpes virus. It can take up to 7 days to get your results. This test is best used within 48 hours of when you first see symptoms. Can man pass on […]

How to fill out form 3911

How to complete the Irs form 3911 on the web: To start the document, utilize the Fill & Sign Online button or tick the preview image of the blank. The advanced tools of the editor will guide you through the editable PDF template. Enter your official identification and contact details. Apply a check mark to […]

What to eat to help milk come in

You don’t need to eat certain foods to make more milk. Just eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and a little bit of fat. Some research shows that garlic, onions, and mint make breast milk taste different, so your baby may suckle more, and in turn, you make […]

Are calcium and magnesium supplements good for you

health.heraldtribune.comStudies have shown that when magnesium intake is low, calcium supplementation may reduce magnesium absorption and retention. 13 14 15 And, whereas calcium supplementation can have negative effects on magnesium levels, magnesium supplementation actually improves the body’s use of calcium. Should you take magnesium and calcium together? Taking calcium and magnesium together can lead to […]

How to not look fat while sitting

7 Ways to Lose Weight Even When You Sit at a Desk All Day Prioritize 30 Minutes of Exercise. Give your daily schedule a good look and try to find 30 minutes to work out five days a week, says Scritchfield. Turn the Stairwell into Your Gym. When you get to work, take the stairs […]

Why do i have frequent hiccups

The majority of persistent hiccups are caused by injury or irritation to either the vagus or phrenic nerve. The vagus and phrenic nerves control the movement of your diaphragm. These nerves may be… What is the best way to cure hiccups? Water is a simple and highly effective home remedy for hiccups. Swallowing cold water […]

Whats a deuce

Does anyone know the origin of such an expression: Go to the Deuce. Yes, the Deuce is an euphemism for the Devil so it means go to hell. Hello, I also believe the original idea was, God is Number One, while the Devil is only Number Two, the Deuce. Thank you for your answer and […]

Is calf liver good for you

Calf liver is also an excellent source of all other B-complex vitamins, which are important for cell division, metabolism and energy production, among other vital functions. Is eating calf’s liver healthy for You? Although calf liver is relatively high in cholesterol and saturated fat, it’s also packed with many vitamins and minerals, which makes it […]

Is sperm good for the skin and hair

According to scientists, semen contains amino acids, calcium and fructose. These are extremely healthy ingredients, so it makes sense that it’s good for your hair and skin. Several studies even suggest that semen contains vitamins that promote hair growth. More specifically, there’s a component in semen called spermidine that has Vitamin E. Is sperm good […]

Eye discharge when blowing nose

Nasal discharge. When you have a sinus infection, you may need to blow your nose often because of nasal discharge, which can be cloudy, green, or yellow. This discharge comes from your infected sinuses and drains into your nasal passages. The discharge may also bypass your nose and drain down the back of your throat. […]

Watching what i eat and still gaining weight

Significant weight loss means making lifestyle changes that will last for the rest of your life, so it can be incredibly frustrating when it feels like your efforts aren’t paying off on the scale. If you’re doing all the right things but still gaining weight, consider a few minor lifestyle adjustments to avoid surprising weight […]

Can you use nair while breastfeeding

There is no evidence that hair care products (dyes, permanents, or hair relaxers) used by a nursing mom have any effect on her breastfeeding baby. What about coloring my hair or getting a perm while I am breastfeeding? LLL FAQ Can I use hair relaxers while breastfeeding? There is no evidence that hair care products […]