When will my baby know his name

Scientific studies indicate that infants start to recognize their names around 6 months to 7 months of age. Jul 12 2019 When should a baby respond to her/his name? My ped said most children know their name and respond by 9 months. Those who don’t can still be within the normal range for development but […]

Why do i shock when i touch things

Normally the system will ground itself through the power supply. If you don’t have an outlet with a ground plug then there’s no way for the system to ground itself. When you touch anything metal *you* become the ground which is what causes the shock you feel. Why do I get electric shock when I […]

How to get diagnosed with asperger’s

Getting a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome as an adult can be difficult, especially as the condition isn’t always easily recognised. There are two routes to diagnosis: the NHS route and the private route. What are the main symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome in adults? Adults with Asperger’s syndrome may experience symptoms such as: awkward social interactions […]

Will bananas constipate you

Bananas are a very good source of fiber and especially insoluble fiber, which reduces constipation. However, make sure that you drink a lot of water after eating ripe bananas because the fiber content in the bananas ends up hardening your stool and blocking your intestines. Do bananas cause constipation or make you poop? So not […]

Is lume deodorant safe

scentwiz.comLume Deodorant is safe for external use anywhere and the unscented does a good job of keeping feet and nether regions having less odor without making them smell like something else. If you’re keeping track, my husband has not yet used Lume as he’s still using the same stick of Cashmere Mist (reviews say one […]

How to get turmeric stains off nails

How to Remove Turmeric Stains from Skin and Nails at Home Method 1: Sugar Scrub. Method 2: Coconut or Castor Oil (Skin & Nails) Since curcumin is not water-soluble, you can use some coconut oil to remove yellow turmeric stains from your skin or nails. Method 3: Shaving Cream. How to whiten fingernails with home […]

Do you need a mattress protector and a mattress pad

No, you probably don’t need both a mattress protector and a mattress pad. There are some amazing mattress protectors and mattress pads on the market that do double duty and are able to offer both padded comfort and protection. Does a mattress pad go above or below a mattress topper? There is often some confusion […]

How to get a living will done

How to Make a Living Will Step 1 – Decide Your Treatment Options. Depending on your individual preference would you like to have the medical staff… Step 2 – Choose Your End-of-Life Decisions. If there are any other decisions besides medical care that you would like… Step 3 – Select a Health Care How do […]

Why do i have corn in my poop

owlcation.comThis is because corn has an outer shell of a compound called cellulose. Your body doesn’t contain enzymes that specifically break down cellulose. However, your body can break down the food components that are inside corn. If you see what appears to be whole corn kernels in your stool, chances are you’re only seeing the […]

What not to eat if your gallbladder is acting up

Fatty foods Fried foods Dairy products Sugary foods Eggs Acidic foods Carbonated soft drinks What foods can you eat if your gallbladder is acting up? Calcium Rich Food – Foods rich in calcium also supports a healthy gallbladder so you can eat them if your gall bladder is acting up. Calcium can be obtained from […]

How to clear dark knees fast

How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees: Baking Soda. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a ¼ cup of water or milk. Mix until thick paste forms. Apply the thick paste to your knees and elbows. Rub it in gentle circles for a few minutes to ensure that it soaks in. Let […]

How do you know if you have a dislocated shoulder

Dislocated shoulder signs and symptoms may include: A visibly deformed or out-of-place shoulder Swelling or bruising Intense pain Inability to move the joint What to do if you have a dislocated shoulder? If you suspect a dislocated shoulder, seek prompt medical attention. Most people regain full shoulder function within a few weeks. However, once you’ve […]

Does a bad gallbladder make your back hurt

If the gallbladder becomes inflamed or is unable to release bile at the right time, one may suffer from a wide range of distressing symptoms. Though abdominal pain and discomfort are the characteristic signs of a gallbladder disease, pain may sometimes be felt around the back as well. The gallbladder secretes bile as per the […]

How to install instep bike trailer

The InStep Bicycle Trailer must be assembled by an adult who has read and understands the instructions in this manual. Keep the packaging away from children and dispose all packaging before use. Contents Warranty…..2 Safety……..2 Parts . Thank You For purchasing the InStep Bicycle Trailer. What is an instep bike trailer? The InStep Bicycle Trailer […]

Can black and milds cause cancer

Smoking cigars, like Black and Milds, puts you at a 10 times higher risk of developing cancer of the mouth, larynx, and esophagus. Even though most cigar smokers don’t inhale the smoke directly, they are still at a higher risk of cancer. Those who do inhale have an even higher risk of developing cancer of […]

Cramp in ribs when bending over

What Causes Chest Pain When Bending Over? 1 Angina. 2 Muscle Strain. 3 Blunt trauma to the chest. 4 Indigestion or Heartburn. 5 Costochondritis. 6 (more items) What causes chest pain when bending over? What Causes Chest Pain When Bending Over? 1 Angina. 2 Muscle Strain. 3 Blunt trauma to the chest. 4 Indigestion or […]

Can adults drink breast milk

Adults Really Shouldn’t Drink Human Breast Milk. But breast milk’s purported benefits to adults are not supported by science. In fact, research shows it may be a health hazard. A new paper published this week in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine looked for the science to back up the black market claims. […]

Can an ectopic pregnancy cause a negative test

Ectopic pregnancy It’s rare, but sometimes an ectopic pregnancy can show up as negative on a pregnancy test. This happens in less than 3 percent of ectopic pregnancies. Seek medical attention if your pregnancy test is negative and you have these symptoms: 3. Lifestyle factors Several outside factors can wreak havoc on your menstrual cycle. […]

Why do i feel dizzy after eating sugar

medicalnewstoday.comStomach Problems: If someone has a weak digestive system, fatigue after eating high sugar content foods may lead to an irritable bowel syndrome. Dizziness: This is the most common symptom that accompanies fatigue after the consumption of excessive amount of sugar. Why do I feel dizzy, giddy or light-headed after eating? Feeling lightheaded, giddy or […]

What is 2 months from today

According to Research Maniacs’ calendar, today’s date is April 1, 2020. When you ask, “When is 2 months from now?”, we assume you are asking what date it will be 2 months from now. FYI: Since the number of days in a month changes, we assumed all months have 30 days when calculating 2 months […]