How much vitamin d does a woman need

The Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board recommends that a 40-year-old woman should have 600 International Units, or 15 micrograms, of vitamin D daily. This recommendation is the same for women who are pregnant or nursing. What is the recommended dosage of vitamin D? Adult Dosage. The recommended daily dosage of vitamin D is […]

Can you lose 50 pounds in 6 months

50 Pounds Lighter in 6 Months: A Real-Life Biggest Loser’s Story Keep it positive. Always motivate clients (and friends) with positive, not negative, reinforcement. Explore different foods. You’ll be less likely to cheat on your diet if your taste buds stay satisfied. Mix up your workout sessions. Try two to three different workouts per week […]

My boyfriend is sick

If your boyfriend is sick, perhaps you want to do something that shows him how much you care — and puts a smile on his face, too. Though you can’t magically take away his cold or illness, you can surprise him by doing some cute things to let him know that you want him to […]

How long does it take for oxytocin to work

In most cases the drip will be started on the lowest dose and increased regularly until contractions are regular (roughly 3-5 contractions every ten minutes). Many women will need 6-12 hours of synthetic oxytocin to enter active labour, when the cervix is dilating 1cm per hour. What is oxytocin and how does it work? Oxytocin […]

What is tibc in blood work

Total iron binding capacity (TIBC) is a blood test to see if you have too much or too little iron in your blood. Iron moves through the blood attached to a protein called transferrin. This test helps your health care provider know how well that protein can carry iron in your blood. A blood sample […]

How tall can a woman get

Relatedly, a study about height and human mate choice found that, on average, the shortest man a woman would date is 5 feet 9 inches tall. And the shortest woman a man would date is 5 feet 1 inch tall. In the same study, researchers found that 23% of men and 4% of women would […]

What is the use of copper t

Uses of Copper T Copper intrauterine devices are long-lasting reversible contraception. They are one of the most cost-effective ways of birth control. The device is used as an Emergency Contraception for 5 days after unprotected intercourse. What is copper T? A Copper T or a copper intra uterine device (IUD) is considered to be one […]

Advocare detox

The advocare cleanse meal plan should include: Fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grain rice (Mostly the brown and wild rice), quinoa Healthy fats like avocado, oats, olive oil, raw nuts and seeds (peanuts, almond butter) Beans, lentils, oatmeal Meat like chicken, turkey breast, fish etc. Herbal Tea as well as the diluted juices […]

Is it okay to sleep with earbuds in

When used appropriately, sleeping with earphones, earbuds or headphones can be safe, and they help you fall asleep more easily. In case of headphones with music, you have to be careful with the volume of the music so that you don’t put pressure on your ears and damage them over a period of time. Can […]

How long does it take to throw up

Drinking Salt Water to Throw Up Easily. The salt water is one of the traditional methods to make yourself puke. The excessive amount of sodium chloride (salt) would shock your stomach and force you to throw up. Take a glass of warm water. Add 3 tablespoons of salt powder. How do you Make Yourself throw […]

How to get date of birth

How to Find a Person’s Date of Birth for Free Search for the person on Google. Google is your basic research tool, used by everyone around the world. Try to find that person’s page on a social networking site. She may have listed her birth date. Search for the person on Lexis-Nexis, a powerful database […]

What is the best way to enlarge breast

Implants are the best way to enlarge breasts. However, grafting fat from your own body can also help, but risks are a bit higher. Suction devices are helpful but painful and temporary. Implants are the best way to enlarge breasts. What is the best way to increase breast size? Apparently, your body needs at least […]

What happens after ait

After you complete AIT, you will participate in a graduation ceremony signifying your ending of initial training. For those who are in Reserve or National Guard units with no further training required, you will return home and report to your unit for weekend drills.Brand:  Can I get Out of the Army during AIT? Sure, you […]

Why are my eyes so dark underneath

Dehydration. Dehydration is a common cause of dark circles under your eyes. When your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and your eyes look sunken. This is due to their close proximity to the underlying bone. Why do I suddenly have dark circles […]

Can you return items to target without a receipt

Short Answer: You can generally return items purchased at Target stores or online without a receipt. For online or in-app purchases, you can find a copy of your receipt in your order history. For in-store purchases, an associate may be able to look up your purchase to process the return, or you may receive a […]

How do i know i have ear wax build up

earscleared.comYou may be able to tell if you have ear wax build up because your ear might feel clogged, and you could even have problems hearing. It’s also likely that you might experience some pain in the ear containing excess ear wax. If you have build up inside either of your ears, you might also […]

Is half an avocado a day too much

Nutritionists advise to only eat half an avocado a day or you could gain weight. One fruit contains 22g of fat and between 250 and 280 calories. The fat it contains are the healthy kind but it is possible to consume too much. Should you eat half an avocado in a day? Revealed: Why you […]

Does laying on your stomach help cramps

Sleeping on the Stomach Sleeping on your stomach will elevate your neck and head, which puts them both into an unnatural position at night and causes a neck strain. To avoid sleeping on the stomach, invest in a body pillow. Holding it while sleeping will keep you from turning onto your stomach. 2. Sleeping with […]

Feel sick when hungry early pregnancy

The levels of progesterone in your body are going up during the first trimester of pregnancy, because of which you will feel nauseous (leading to morning sickness) and elevated levels of hunger. Usually, after vomiting, you will feel sudden hunger pangs because your stomach has emptied. Do you feel nauseous when pregnant? One of the […]

Why do bv keep coming back

Recurrent BV might happen when the infection isn’t fully treated, something messes up the balance of your bacteria again, or a layer of microorganisms known as a biofilm forms to protect BV-causing bacteria. Besides putting a dent in your self-esteem and disrupting your work and sex life, recurrent BV can also lead to serious complications. […]