Things to do in northeast wyoming

8 Top Things to Do in Gillette and Northeast Wyoming

  • Hike at Devils Tower National Monument.
  • Explore Vore Buffalo Jump.
  • Take a Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Gillette.
  • Visit Campbell County Rockpile Museum.
  • Tour a Wyoming Coal Mine.
  • View Wildlife at Keyhole State Park.
  • Enjoy Sculptures on a Walking Tour of Art.
  • Catch Live Music at the Donkey Creek Festival.

What to see in northern Wyoming?

Top 5 things to see in northern Wyoming. 1. Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming’s star attraction, Yellowstone National Park is filled with big-hitters like the Old Faithful geyser and Grand Prismatic hot spring but there’s plenty more to see in the park’s 3,500 square miles.

What towns are near Gillette Wyoming?

Gillette and Northeast Wyoming—other area towns include Sundance, Moorcroft, and Wright—offer interesting things to do. Devils Tower National Monument, one of Wyoming’s most popular visitor attractions, is located nearby.

What to eat in Wyoming?

What to eat in Wyoming? Wyoming is peppered with ranches that have more than 1.4 million cows between them so it’s really no surprise that steak is the meal of choice. Be warned: it’s served big and bloody here. When ordering steak, try sweet potato fries with honey butter on the side.

What are the tourist attractions in Wyoming?

Devils Tower National Monument, one of Wyoming’s most popular visitor attractions, is located nearby. Tourists and locals can also experience bird watching, swimming, and fishing at the state park, explore cultural museums, and tour a coal mine.

Can You Watch Northern Lights in Wyoming?

Many Northern Lights watchers steak out a quiet, dark spot away from the city and set up cameras to capture the dazzling display in time-lapsed sequence. Any clear night is a good night for sky-gazing in Wyoming. Even when the Northern Lights aren’t flashing, the view is breathtaking.

What are the best things to see in Wyoming?

Home to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and six mountain ranges that surround the Big Horn Basin, it is Wyoming’s majestic outdoors that travelers come to see year-round. Outdoor activities dominate vacation itineraries in Wyoming, such as hiking, rock and mountain climbing, white water rafting, and skiing.

What are the tourist attractions in Wyoming?

Top Attractions in Wyoming. 1 1. Yellowstone National Park. 1,541 reviews. See 13 Experiences. Outdoor Activities. 2 2. Lamar Valley. 3 3. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 4 4. Grand Prismatic Spring. 5 5. Town Square. More items

What is the largest national park in Wyoming?

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming was the world’s first national park. Established in 1872, it is still the largest park at 2.2 million acres. Visitors will be in awe of the panoramic views, spewing geysers from among 10,000 thermal activities, and epic waterfalls.