What can cause itchy legs at night

treatnheal.comThe itching happens because there are low levels of calcium but high levels of phosphorus in the blood. Liver Disorders. The itching can be a result of liver disorders that happen when the bile acids produced by the liver stay in your blood and then end up on the surface of your skin. The itchiness gets worse at night.

Why do my legs Itch at night?

Itchy legs at night, with or with no rash can point to a serious underlying health problem, or simply an ailment that can be corrected easily at home. Diabetes, thyroid disease, allergy or bed bug bites can all cause severe itching legs at night. The lower legs, shins and feet may be affected.

What is the cause for severe itching between the legs?

Excessive sweating or perspiration can also make you deal with itching between legs. Perspiration is your body’s way to lower its temperature. You may sweat more in this area because of underwear and tight clothing. Environmental heat can also aggravate the whole situation, and the same holds true for pubic hair that can increase the heat.

What causes sweating and itching of scrotum at night?

Itchy scrotum at night is a common cause among adult males and adolescent boys. The condition is common in dry weather, excesses sweating creates an optimal condition for the bacteria to grow and multiply. The condition can be worsen by wearing too tight synthetic clothes that do not allow free circulation of air.

What causes intense itching at night?

Skin disorders. Skin diseases, such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis can also possibly have a significant role in causing skin itching during the night. Eczema and psoriasis, two auto-immune diseases usually get worse when body temperature changes.

What causes hot itchy legs at night?

Contact dermatitis, this is due to touching anything allergic as soap or irritating chemicals and even some plants. This will cause the itchy legs at night with the possibility of the appearance of some bumps.

What causes constant itching at night?

A common cause of increased night time itching could be related to the presence of insects such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites and lice. Some of these insects are night-feeders and their increased activity at night might be the cause of aggravated itch.

Why am I always so itchy at nighttime?

Aside from severe dry skin, several health disorders and diseases also have symptoms of dry, itchy skin that seem to be exacerbated at night. These conditions are atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, lichen simplex chronicus, liver and kidney issues, and blood disorders.

What causes itchy legs with no rash?


  • Dry Skin on legs. Dry skin is normally itchy but it is a temporary discomfort.
  • Itchy legs at night due to chicken Skin (Goose Bumps) Chicken skin appears as rough bumps on the skin, usually on arms, legs, armpits and even knees.
  • Folliculitis.
  • Itchy legs at night due to unfit runners.
  • Acne on legs.