What color lab tube for ferritin

Ferritin. Serum separator tube. Also acceptable: Plasma separator tube, lavender (EDTA), pink (K 2 EDTA), or green (sodium or lithium heparin).

What color lab tube do I need for a test?

Laboratory Blood Test Tubes Colors and Use

  • Light Blue Tube. Purpose of Additive: Acts as an anticoagulant by binding to calcium in blood to prevent clotting.
  • Red Tube
  • Serum Separator Tube (SST) Purpose of Additive: After centrifugation, the separating gel serves as a barrier between the serum and the clot.
  • Mint Green Tube
  • Green Tube
  • Dark Blue Tube.
  • Lavender Tube.

What color tube is used for a TSH test?

Tests are performed to check their ability to clot properly. Some of the tubes used have the following stopper/shield colors: Gold or red/gray tube, also known as a tiger tube that contains a clot activator. It is used to separate blood from the serum.

What color tube is used for a basic metabolic panel?

Light green. In general, liver function panel or liver function tests (lft’s) and a comprehensive metabolic panel (cmp) which includes lft’s are generally drawn in a light green tube, however some labs might have variations of this color scheme, so i would check with your lab to determine the exact color they use. Red top.

What color tube is used for a CMP?

This is often recommended to diagnose health problems that are still in the early stages and is often suggested for people suffering from diabetes or hypertension. Also, the CMP test tube color you can choose when going in for a CMP is a Lavender Top Tube as this is often preferred for hematology procedures.

What color is lab tube for the following tests?

What color is the lab tube for the following tests? A digoxin level YELLOW; Cbc PURPLE/lavender; Chem profile YELLOW/GREEN; Protime BLUE; When you need extra blood just in case another test is called WE USE AND EXTRA PURPLE WHEN WE DRAW

What color serum do I Need?

For example, most chemistry specimens require serum. If you are in OP or on the floors at my facility, you might draw this in a red (clot) or gold (serum separator) tube, but if you work in the ED, you need to draw light green.

How much blood is used in a BMP test?

What Color Tube Is Used for a BMP Lab Test, and How Much Blood Is Used? What Color Tube Is Used for a BMP Lab Test, and How Much Blood Is Used? For a basic metabolic panel, a red- or green-top tube should be filled with at least 2.5 to 2.8 milliliters of blood.

What color is a CBC?

Requirements vary from facility to facility depending on the instrumentation they use and the tube manufacturer. A lav. for a cbc and a light blue for a PT are fairly standard, but beyond that, the tube colors vary greatly.