What color tube is a bnp drawn in

The blood must be collected in a plastic lavender-top tube (EDTA). BNP is not stable in serum. The specimen should be centrifuged and the plasma separated into a plastic tube within one hour after collection.

What color is heparin?

Light green. Lithium Heparin. Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), Comprehensive metabolic Panel (CMP) and other plasma determination tests. 4.) Royal Blue. None/ Di-sodium EDTA. Trace Elements like Cu, Zn, etc, Toxicology and Nutrient determination etc. 5.)

What is BNP test code?

BNP (NT-PRO-BNP) Test code: Specimen type: Preferred collection container: Stat/Line draws: 3 mL light-green-top (plasma separator) tube. Routine requests/off-site specimens: 3.5 mL gold-top (serum separator) tube. Specimen required: Special notes:

What type of tube is used to draw blood specimen?

Most commonly used to draw the blood samples directly from the vein. These tubes can also be used sometimes for the collection of urine samples. Vacutainer tubes may contain additives, mostly the anticoagulants, designed to stabilize and preserve the blood specimen prior to analytical testing.

How to measure BNP?

Collect specimen in a plastic EDTA (lavender-top) tube. Centrifuge tube and separate plasma into a plastic specimen transport tube within 1 hour. Freeze plasma immediately. Note: BNP is unstable in glass containers. Use of glass tubes and glass transfer pipettes will affect accurate quantitation of BNP.

What is heparin prescribed for?

Heparin is also used to prevent blood clotting during open-heart surgery, bypass surgery, kidney dialysis, and blood transfusions. It is used in low doses to prevent the formation of blood clots in certain patients, especially those who must have certain types of surgery or who must remain in bed for a long time.

What is Stop Color coding?

Stopper Color Coding Additive Laboratory Use Min. Vol. for accurate results Gold Clot activator and gel for serum separation Serum-Chemistry Not Affected Red, plain None Serum Not Affected Light Blue 1.8ml tube Sodium Citrate has 0.109M Na Citrate (3.2%) 2.7ml tube has 0.109M Na Citrate (3.2%) Plasma Coagulation Full Tube Lavender

How much Heparin is in a 3.0mL tube?

3.0mL tube has 5.4mg EDTA 6.0mL tube has 10.8mg EDTA 7.0mL tube has 12mg EDTA Microtainer tube has 0.78 mg EDTA Whole Blood- Hematology, Blood bank Full Tube Green Sodium Heparin or Lithium Heparin

Can heparin be used as a blood thinner?

You may be switched from injectable heparin to an oral (taken by mouth) blood thinner. Do not stop using the injection until your doctor tells you to. You may need to use both the injection and the oral forms for a short time.