What do energy drinks do to your health

dailyhealthpost.comSummary: Multiple studies have shown energy drinks can reduce mental fatigue and improve measures of brain function, such as memory, concentration and reaction time. Another reason people consume energy drinks is to help them function when they’re sleep-deprived or tired.

Are energy drinks bad for your health?

Your rapidly beating heart could pose a health risk, as “energy drinks not only have been shown to raise stress levels, increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, they’ve also been shown to make the blood a little bit thicker ,” Higgins said.

How do energy drinks increase mental health?

Energy drinks are designed to increase energy and mental performance. They contain a combination of caffeine, sugar, vitamins, amino acid derivatives and herbal extracts. People consume energy drinks for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular is to increase mental alertness by improving brain function.

What are the negative effects of energy drinks?

Negative health outcomes. Emerging evidence has linked energy drink consumption with negative health consequences in youth like risk-seeking behaviors, poor mental health, adverse cardiovascular effects, and metabolic, renal, or dental problems.

How do Energy Drinks give you energy?

Most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, which can provide a temporary energy boost. Some energy drinks contain sugar and other substances.

What are the dangers of energy drinks?

The dangers of energy drinks are that they can promote vitamin toxicity. It can manifest in any number of ways, for example, flushing of the skin and vomiting (from an overdose of niacin), pain and numbness in the extremities (from B6 overdose) or allergies to any of the high concentrations of vitamins.

Are energy drinks hazardous to your health?

Why Energy Drinks Are Hazardous To Your Health. Energy drinks have become very popular over the past few years and it is understandable why. These drinks provide a busy person with the energy they need to get through a busy day. Unfortunately, these drinks are very unhealthy and are actually quite hazardous to your health.

What do energy drinks really do to your body?

You might already know that energy drinks can screw with your sleep, make you gain weight or even spike your blood pressure. But overarching evidence suggests they may lead to substance abuse, mental health problems, a higher diabetes risk, tooth decay and kidney damage, too.

What are the bad things about energy drinks?

The health risks associated with energy drinks are mostly attributed to their high sugar and caffeine levels. They range from risk-seeking behavior, such as substance misuse and aggression, mental health problems in the form of anxiety and stress, to increased blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage, fatigue, stomachaches and irritation.