What do you shave your armpits with

Toss your old dull razor, and opt for one with a sharp blade and a pivoting head to move with the curves of your armpits for a more effective, easier shave. After trimming, use an unscented shave balm. (Make sure it’s not alcohol-based, since underarm skin is sensitive.)

How do you shave your armpits?

How to Shave Your Armpits: The Steps You Should Know. Thoroughly clean you’re Underarms. Always Use a Sharp Razor/Don’t Use a Dull Razor. Hydrate Your Skin before You Shave. Wash Your Underarms. Use Shaving Gels or Foams. Shave Your Armpits in All Directions. Be Sure to Moisturize. Wait Before Applying Deodorant.

What should I do before Shaving my armpits?

Before you shave down to the skin, it can be helpful to clear out as much long, bushy growth as you can, especially if this is your first time shaving your armpits. The quickest way to do this is to simply run an electric beard trimmer over your underarms to clip the hair down to about a quarter inch.

What is the best way to shave armpits?

If you’ve decided you want to shave your armpits, scroll down and read to see tips on making this a pain free process minus the razor burn, cuts and ingrown hair. One of the best ways to prep for shaving underarms is by taking a hot shower before going to bed.

Why you should never Shave Your Armpit?

Never shave an armpit full of sweat, oil or deodorant residue because these contaminants will clog and reduce the effectiveness of the razor. Also the sweat produced in your underarms traps bacteria and if you cut yourself shaving, it will be easier to get an infection. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells.

Should you wash your armpits before shaving?

Wash your underarms Taking a bath or shower before you shave can ensure your armpits are clear of sweat and deodorant which can clog razor blades. Washing helps the razor more effectively shave off body hair; it also helps prevent bacteria from the combination of sweat and deodorant from penetrating through the skin if nicked while shaving. Step 4

How do I Shave my armpits?

If you’re having trouble getting a good view of your armpits, try shaving with a mirror. Keep your fingers out of the way of the razor. Shave the hair in every direction. Drag the head of the razor along your underarm, starting at the top. Then, shave from the bottom up and from side-to-side.

How do you shave Under Your Arms?

The hair under our arms grows in all directions, so shaving in one direction might not result in a close shave. For best results, lift your arm above your head, press gently down on the razor and shave lightly in short strokes in all directions — downward, sideways and back upward, if needed. Step 6 Be sure to moisturize

What direction should you shave your armpits?

It is highly recommended that you shave the armpits in all directions to get a smooth output after shaving. If you cut the skin in only one direction, let’s say downwards, then you will see when you hover your finger to the opposite direction the skin will feel rough.