What does a developmental pediatrician do

A developmental pediatrician is a board-accredited pediatrician who has also received sub-specialty training and certification in developmental-behavioral pediatrics. That person should have five years of practice experience, of which at least 50 percent focuses specifically on developmental-behavioral issues.

Why to see a developmental pediatrician?

5 Reasons to See a Pediatrician

  • Vaccines. Vaccines (vaccinations or immunizations) are injections of small amounts of a virus or bacteria that help fend…
  • Development. One reason it’s important to take your child to a pediatrician is to monitor his developmental progress or…
  • Fever. Almost all children will have a fever at some point, but how do you know when it’s time…

How developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics can help?

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians treat kids with learning and behavioral issues. These professionals can help diagnose complex issues, including ADHD. You may be able to get a referral from your pediatrician.

What are some reasons to be a pediatrician?

10 Pros of Being a Pediatrician: High pay. Pediatricians receive some of the highest salaries in the medical field. Flexible careers. Those who specialize in pediatrics have more flexible options to choose from than other specialists. Many employment opportunities. Pediatricians are in demand. Flexible hours. An opportunity to improve public health. Job satisfaction. Breaks. More items…

What exactly does a pediatrician do?

Pediatricians are medical doctors that specialize in pediatric care of people under 21. Some of the duties they are expected to perform include consulting with patients, reviewing medical histories of the patients, ordering diagnostic tests when the need arises, and recommending treatment plans for their patients.

When to see a pediatrician vs a child neurologist?

Well children see pediatricians for their general day-to-day pediatric care for their well child visits and for their general health problems. If the pediatrician identifies or suspects a neurologic disorder or possibly a developmental disorder, then they might refer that child to see a neurologist.

What is developmental-behavioral pediatricians do?

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians evaluate and provide treatment and referrals for children with a wide range of developmental and behavioral concerns. Developmental-behavioral pediatricians are medical doctors who have completed a residency in pediatrics and have additional subspecialty training in developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

What is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician?

A developmental pediatrician, sometimes referred to as a developmental behavioral pediatrician, is a doctor who primarily focuses on the overall development of a child from birth to adolescence. As with any doctor, a developmental pediatrician goes through medical school in addition to training…

What is a pediatric developmental specialist?

A pediatric developmental-behavioral health specialist is a pediatrician who uses education, clinical care, and advocacy to prevent and manage problem behavior in children and their family environment. This physician also does research on child growth, development and behavior.