What hamster is the friendliest

The friendly species of hamsters

Type of hamster Scientific name Size Lifestyle Lifespan
Syrian Mesocricetus 4-7 inches Prefer to be alone after 10 weeks of age Four years
Dwarf Campbell Russian Phodopus campbelli 4 inches Can be kept in groups of same gender Two years
Dwarf winter white Russian Phodopus sungorus 3-4 inches Small groups or pairs of same gender 2 years
Chinese Cricetulus griseus 4 inches Live solitarily 2 years

Feb 28 2021

Which breed of hamster is the most friendly?

Which Breeds of Hamster Are the Friendliest and Most Sociable?

  • Syrian hamsters. If you’re looking for a large hamster that’s also extremely friendly and fairly easy to train, then a…
  • Chinese hamsters. Chinese hamsters are super friendly when they come out of their shell, but that really does depend on…
  • Dwarf hamsters. Dwarf hamsters are known for being extremely…

Which type of hamsters make the best pets?

Syrian hamsters are the largest captive hamsters and the most popular choices for hamster pets, according to the Pet Web Site. Also called golden hamsters or standard hamsters, these members of the rodent family are best kept by themselves, as they can be antisocial and aggressive toward members of their own species.

What is the best type of hamster to buy?

What is the Best Hamster to Get?

  • Syrian hamster. The Syrian hamster is the most common hamster pet, and it’s known by several different names – for example Golden hamster, Fancy hamster, and Teddy Bear hamster.
  • Roborovski hamster.
  • Chinese hamster.
  • Campbell’s dwarf hamster.
  • Winter white Russian dwarf hamster.

Which hamster is best?

Which Type of Hamsters Make the Best Pets?

  • Syrian/Teddy Bear Hamsters. These are the most commonly found and bought hamsters.
  • Russian Dwarf Hamsters. Russian hamsters are much smaller than a teddy bear hamster and a little more pricey as well.
  • Roborovski “Robo” Hamster. Robo hamsters are definitely attractive.
  • Ask Questions. Remember, only you will know what kind of hamster is good for you.

What is the most popular hamster breed?

Syrian hamster – Being relatively large, docile, and friendly, it’s no surprise that the Syrian hamster is the most popular breed. The downside is that they have to live in solitude. Winter White Russian dwarf hamster – They are friendly, don’t nip, and can live together with other Winter Whites.

What is the most friendly type of hamster?

Today, Syrian hamsters are widely considered to be the friendliest hamster breed. Not only that they’re also considered the best breed of hamster for families with children.

What breed of hamster is the friendliest?

The three aforementioned breeds of hamsters are the friendliest of the lot. They share a common quality, that is, of friendliness and loyalty. But, each of these unique types of hamsters also shows slight differences. Syrian Hamsters are also known as Golden or Teddy bear hamsters due to their most commonly recurring color and chubby bodies.

How many breeds of hamsters are there?

That would be the equivalent of you stuffing several whole chickens into your cheeks! However, only about five hamster breeds are commonly kept as pets. Of these five breeds, the Syrian or Teddy Bear hamster is both the best known and the most popular.