What happens to an untreated uti

slideshare.netIf a UTI is left untreated, the bacteria within your bladder can travel up into your kidneys. You can also develop blood in your urine due to irritation and inflammation of the kidneys. A kidney infection can lead to permanent damage or scarring of the kidneys.

What are the consequences of an untreated UTI?

An untreated UTI can result in the spread of the infection from the bladder into the bloodstream — a medical condition known as sepsis. Sepsis is life-threatening and can cause you to experience fever, chills, dizziness, rapid breathing, increased heart rate or confusion.

When are urinary tract infections keep coming back?

For 25% to 30% of women who’ve had a urinary tract infection, the infection returns within six months . If you have repeated UTIs, you’ve experienced the toll they take on your life. However, you may take some comfort in knowing that they aren’t likely to be the result of anything you’ve done.

What type of bacteria causes UTI?

Bacteria are the primary organisms that cause UTIs. Most common bacteria that cause UTIs include: Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus saprophyticus. About 80-90% of urinary tract infections are caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli).

What happens if an uti goes untreated?

At other times, when there are symptoms and you have treated them, the infection may not respond to the antibiotics or it may return in a more vicious form. If a urinary tract infection (UTI) goes untreated it may spread and wreak havoc on the urinary tract.

Can an untreated UTI cause kidney infection?

Women who are pregnant can experience pregnancy complications as a consequence of an untreated UTI. Pregnant women are more likely to develop kidney infections as a result of a UTI, which can put women at an increased risk of early labor.

What is recurrent UTI?

Recurrent urinary tract infections. A urinary tract infection if left untreated or improperly treated may lead to recurrent UTIs. This is commonly seen in women who experience UTIs due to unhygienic practices and weak immune system. It may have serious consequences if pregnant women or young children suffer from urinary tract infection.

How does an uti affect the kidneys?

A kidney infection can lead to permanent damage or scarring of the kidneys. Kidney damage caused by an untreated UTI can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure or kidney failure. . This consequence of an untreated UTI can prevent the organs of your body from functioning normally, causing them to shut down.