What happens when a tampon is stuck in you

Having a tampon stuck in your vagina increases your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a serious infection. Not everyone in this situation will develop TSS, but the longer the tampon’s stuck, the greater the risk.

What to do if a tampon is stuck in your vagina?

If you do find the tampon has been stuck in your vagina, you can try the following steps at home to remove a stuck tampon: Remember that a tampon cannot go any further than the vagina, as the cervical opening is too small for the tampon to go past. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the tampon becoming “lost” inside your body.

What happens if you leave a tampon inside?

Hey, it happens. Don’t be embarrassed. Sometimes tampons get stuck because of exercise or other reasons. You should be able to dislodge the tampon pretty easily. However, if you can’t, see a doctor immediately. Leaving a tampon inside for too long can create a risk for infection. Act fast. You need to take care of this problem right away.

What happens when you get a lost tampon?

When you get anxious or stressed you tend to contract or clench different muscles in your body. If you are panicking about the “lost” tampon, you are going to contract the muscles surrounding the vagina. By squeezing the muscle of your vagina, you are going to have a hard time locating and removing the “retained” tampon.

How do you know if you have a tampon in your vagina?

If you’re not sure whether you have a tampon stuck in your vagina, your body will usually give you a few signals that something’s not right. Signs that you might have a stuck tampon include: These are all symptoms of an infection caused by a foreign object, such as a tampon, in your vagina for too long.

How do you put a tampon in your vagina?

When it gets close enough, grab the tampon with your index finger and thumb. Insert a single finger while exhaling. You are going to have to put your finger into your vagina as far as possible. Make circular motions with your finger between the cervix and vagina. This is where most stuck tampons are.

Can a stuck tampon hurt your vagina?

Some people may worry that a stuck tampon will hurt their organs. However, although a stuck tampon may feel sore, and a person may irritate the lining of the vagina while attempting to remove it, it is very unlikely to damage the cervix.

What happens if you have a tampon stuck inside?

Women may experience the following symptoms when they think they have a tampon stuck inside: In rare cases where the tampon has been inside the body for a long time, women may develop a dangerous bacterial infection known as toxic shock syndrome. If you think you may be suffering for this illness, seek medical care as soon as possible.

Can a tampon go past the uterus?

A tampon CANNOT get lost in your body. Even though your vagina connects your outside parts with the “inside” of your body, there’s basically a dead end at the top of the vagina – it’s called your cervix, and there’s no way a tampon can go past that. The cervix is a barrier between the vagina and the uterus.