What is 3rd hand smoke

What is third hand smoke? Third hand smoke is nicotine residue that remains on surfaces including walls, doors, drapery, carpets, clothes, furniture, flooring material, and acoustic tiles in ceilings.

What are the effects of third hand smoking?

Third hand smoke (THS) is created when smoke emanating from lit cigarettes as well as exhaled cigarette smoke transfers onto surfaces including home items, clothing and the human body. Research is now showing that exposure to it can cause a range of health problems including liver damage, lung damage, hyperactivity and wound-healing complications.

Is secondhand smoke as dangerous as smoking a cigarette?

Actually second hand smoke is considered more dangerous than the mainstream smoke that is actually inhaled. The smoke that comes off the end of the cigarette has a higher concentration of cancer-causing agents.

How long does third hand smoke last?

Thirdhand smoke residue builds up over time on most surfaces it touches. It can remain for weeks, months or even years. It resists normal cleaning methods and you can’t air it out of rooms or cars with fans or vacuums, Dr. Choi says.

What’s with third hand smoking?

Thirdhand smoke is the nicotine and other chemicals from cigarettes that remain on surfaces well after someone has smoked. These residues can then be ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, potentially increasing the risk of certain cancers and other serious diseases.

What are the health effects of third hand smoke?

There are multiple health effects of thirdhand smoke in children. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, children are the most vulnerable to such effects. This is because they’re more likely to touch surfaces and put objects near their noses and mouths. Children exposed to thirdhand smoke at home are more likely to have:

What are the dangers of third hand smoke?

5 Dangers of Thirdhand Smoke — Especially to Children, Non-Smokers 1 Thirdhand smoke may be a culprit in more cancer cases. 2 Thirdhand smoke may damage DNA. One study found that being exposed to thirdhand smoke may cause… 3 Residue may react with airborne chemicals to form carcinogens. 4 Children are most at risk. “I think children are…

How does third hand smoke affect the fetus?

This can then transfer over to the fetus. A small study examined the effects of thirdhand smoke exposure on fetal rat lung tissue. It found that certain toxins in cigarette smoke adversely affected lung development. A baby’s exposure to thirdhand smoke can also lead to respiratory illnesses after birth.

What are the risk factors of third hand smoke?

Additionally, children who grow up with parents who smoke are at an increased risk of smoking themselves. Infants can also be affected by thirdhand smoke. One study suggests that smoke exposure is one of the biggest risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The other large risk factor for SIDS is improper sleeping position.