What is a healthy cd4 count

CD4 Count – Normal (Healthy), HIV, AIDS and Zero Levels

  • Normal CD4 Count. The CD4+ T-lymphocyte is only one type of white blood cell and is named so due to the presence of CD4 receptors on its surface.
  • HIV CD4 Count. As the body’s CD4+ T-lymphocyte levels drops with HIV infection, the body become more prone to different pathogens.
  • AIDS CD4 Count.

What is the normal CD4 count for a healthy person?

It is an indication of the strength of the body’s immune defenses. A normal CD4 count is between 500 to 1500 cells per cubic millimeter (mm3). It is sometimes designated as a percentage. A CD4 percentage of greater than 29% roughly indicates a CD4 count of 500 cells/mm3. This is considered as normal.

What are the symptoms of a low CD4 count?

This is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the healthy cells of the body. The symptoms may vary from mild to severe. The common symptoms include swollen and painful joints, mouth ulcers, hair loss, swollen lymph nodes, red rashes on nose and cheek, anemia, and fatigue.

What to do for a low CD4 count?

Persons with very low CD4 counts may need to take drugs to prevent specific opportunistic infections (OIs) in addition to taking their ART. Once the CD4 count increases in response to ART, it may be possible to stop taking these OI medications.

What is a normal CD4 count range?

The normal CD4 count ranges from 500-1200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood in adults and teens. CD4 counts are usually higher in the evening and lower in the morning.

What is the normal CD4 count for HIV?

The more you have, the better. These are the cells that the HIV virus kills. As HIV infection progresses, the number of these cells declines. When the CD4 count drops below 200, a person is diagnosed with AIDS. A normal range for CD4 cells is about 500-1,500.

How often are CD4+ cell counts measured?

CD4+ cell counts are usually measured when you are diagnosed with HIV (at baseline), every 3 to 6 months during first 2 years or until your CD4 count increases above 300 cells/mm 3. Otherwise your CD4+ cell count may be measured every 12 months. Most people who are on HIV treatment can expect an average increase of about 50-100 cells/mm 3 a year.

What does a low CD4 mean?

In general, a normal CD4 count means that the person’s immune system is not yet affected by HIV infection. A low CD4 count indicates that the person’s immune system has been affected by HIV and/or the disease is progressing.

What is CD4 T lymphocytes?

Therefore HIV has an affinity for CD4+ T-lymphocytes. The level of CD4+ T-lymphocytes is known as the CD4 cell count or just the CD4 count. It is an indication of the strength of the body’s immune defenses.