What is a virtual doctor visit

In the current crisis, a virtual doctor’s visit is a smart way to reduce the potential for transmission of infection.

How does a virtual doctor visit work?

With a virtual doctor’s appointment, you connect with a doctor over secure video. Typically, your doctor’s office will send you a link, or you download an app. Once you click on the link or open the app, you’ll likely answer some questions about your condition and then you’ll connect with your doctor for a conversation and evaluation.

What is a virtual medical appointment?

A virtual appointment is when a provider contacts the patient via a cell phone, landline or through video conferencing rather than a face-to-face appointment to discuss their health concerns initially or from a prior visit.

What is online doctor?

Online doctor. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Online doctor is a term that emerged during the 2000s, used by both the media and academics, to describe a generation of physicians and health practitioners who deliver healthcare, including drug prescription, over the internet.

What do you need to know about virtual doctor visits?

To connect with a doctor for a virtual visit, at a minimum you need a telephone line. These days, most providers are also looking to connect with you visually. This will require the internet, and a high-speed connection tends to work a lot better than a slower link.

What is a virtual physician visit?

Virtual Medical Visit. The Chickasaw Nation Virtual Medical Visit is a web-based audio/video telecommunication physician-patient appointment service available to patients with specific symptoms. Virtual medical visit enables healthcare access to patients who are not able to travel to the provider for specific non-life-threatening injuries or ailments.

How does doctor on demand work?

Doctor On Demand physicians start each visit after reviewing your completed intake form which includes review of your current symptoms. This gives the physician a sense of your current health picture, including current medications, allergies, and any other health conditions you may have.

What is a telemedicine visit?

In short, telemedicine, or telehealth, is a virtual visit with a primary care provider (PCP). This includes checking in with medical professionals through phone calls, over video chat, or with e-mail.