What is good to eat while sick


  • Oatmeal and oat bran A single cup of oatmeal made with water contains about 4 grams of fiber, around 16 percent of an adult’s recommended daily intake.
  • Dried fruits All fruits are good sources of fiber, but dried fruits, such as apricots, figs, and prunes, typically contain the highest levels.
  • Flaxseed
  • What are good things to eat and drink while I’m Sick?

    Similar to chicken soup, broths are excellent sources of hydration while you’re sick. They’re full of flavor and can contain calories, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, folate and phosphorous (7, 8).

    What are some good foods to eat when you are sick?

    Yogurt is another best food to eat when sick. It provides 150 calories and 8 grams of protein. It is rich in calcium and being a probiotic food, it can help you get sick less often and get better faster.

    What are best snacks to eat when you are sick?

    Best Foods to Eat When You’re Sick Ginger. Soup. Honey. Spicy Foods. Ginseng. Cloves. Crackers. Bananas. Popsicles. Orange Juice. More items…

    What do you do eat when your sick?

    Best foods for an upset stomach

    • Crackers and toast. If you’re hugging the porcelain throne (or about to be), remember this rule: The blander, the better.
    • Bananas. Bananas are easy to digest and rich in potassium, which is often depleted during bouts of sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea.
    • Ginger. Ginger has long been studied for its stomach-soothing properties.

    What are some good foods to eat when you are sick?

    The 15 Best Foods to Eat When You’re Sick

  • Chicken Soup. Chicken soup has been recommended as a remedy for the common cold for hundreds…
  • Broths…
  • Garlic…
  • Coconut Water…
  • What are the best things to do while sick?

    Staying well-hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when sick. Hydration is especially important when you have a fever, sweat a lot or have vomiting or diarrhea, which can cause you to lose a lot of water and electrolytes. Coconut water is the perfect beverage to sip on when you’re sick.

    What is the best tea to drink when you are sick?

    A mug of warm tea can be comforting, like a blanket for your insides. My favorite tea when sick is ginger tea because it’s super easy to make, lightly spicy, and warms me up quickly. (I also enjoy it as a wellness tonic throughout the winter.) Ginger has vitamins and minerals, including chromium which can help prevent chills and fevers.

    Why is it important to eat when you feel sick?

    Many things can trigger this process, such as infections, surgery, gut diseases, medications, cancer treatment, hormone disorders, pregnancy or food allergies and intolerances. Though eating can be challenging when you feel sick, food and drinks are important for hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and helping your stomach settle.